Mid-East Peace Treaty

Now, the first and most important item of The Kingdom Of God's Political Platform is the total abandonment of the so-called Mid-East Peace Treaty. It is totally unacceptable to The Kingdom Of God. Never will They permit a Palestinian state within the boundaries of Israel! It is simply non-negotiable! Any talk of Jerusalem becoming the Palestinian's capitol is considered so blasphemous that any suggesting it are banished from Heaven forever, no matter what else they have done in their lifetime. To so betray the covenant between God and His People is simply unthinkable!
Every inch of territory the people of Israel now hold is theirs forever. It was paid for with their blood, is sanctified by Their sacrifices and considered holy by the Leaders of The Kingdom Of God.

If not this treaty, then what? How can peace possibly come to this region without some acceptable settlement?

The Leaders of The Kingdom Of God put forth a settlement...that the countries of the world band together and raise a fund to buy from Egypt a tract of land on The Sainai Peninsula EQUAL to that land the Palestinians now hold in Israel. That farms, cities and factories be established there, that will provide the Palestinian peoples all that they need and then, that the Palestinians be moved to these territories and all of their claims to any part of Israel be nullified.
This is the only solution that the Leadership of The Kingdom Of God will accept, to settle the Mid-East peace problem. And They think it is a workable solution, much better than any others that have been proposed.
The Palestinians would have their own homeland seperate from Israel, a buffer zone would be patrolled by neutral troops....Egyptians, that would keep the two forces seperate from each other. The Leaders Of The Kingdom Of God call upon all nations....especially The Arab Nations, The Islamic Nations, to bring forth Its proposal, and to make it work. The Israelis would make a concession too, for the sake of peace. They would recognize that the Arabs are also descendants of Abraham, and allow them to visit the Sacred Places inside Israel, as long as they come in peace.

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