Chapter Forty-Eight

Morn returned to his office where his young Aide Bright Serpent, had laid out his correspondence to be signed. Morn went through the letters quickly, signing them, but noticed the young Aide still held some papers. "What are those?" he asked.
2 "These three, My Lord," the Aide told him, "are death warrants, sent to you for a final appeal. I have checked each case, and the facts on the attached sheets are accurate."
3 Morn took the warrants. They were non-political crimes, three murders, all well witnessed, no doubt of guilt in any of them. They were the first to reach Morn's desk. There had been other death sentences, but the convicted had not bothered to appeal.
4 Even under the fairness of The New Law Morn did not like death warrants, but they were part of his duty. He quickly signed them and set them on his desk. "What else," he asked.
5 ''I have three letters," the young Aide continued, "that I do not know how to answer. They are requests for healings. Apparently, some people have spread the stories of how The Old First Speakers used to cure the sick!"
6 Morn sat down his pencil and leaned back. "That's a new one!" he laughed. "No one has ever asked me to cure their sicknesses before! Read me the letters!"
7 The young Aide opened the first one. "Most beloved and Renowned First Speaker," it began, "we write to you in behalf of our son who has been valiantly fighting in your Service. Some time ago, he lost his right leg defending The Republic. Two times they have grown him a new one, put it on, only to have it die.
8 The Doctors are at a loss. As far as they can tell, the legs they produced were perfect, and they followed procedures exactly. Shortly they will try again, but they warn us they are running out of time. If they fail

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