Michael Jackson Writes A Song In Heaven
For Gadhafi

March 24, 2,011

The Spirit of Michael Jackson has finally got a song ready for Gadhafi.  He recorded it through internationally known psychic Speaker Gerald Polley.   Michael again mentions to The United Arab Emirates that the deal for that album is still on!  He's not too satisfied with it, but everybody in The Afterlife loves it.  You can listen to the audio demo of this song from the link below and, read the lyrics. 
You can contact Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley who are well known for channeling music from The Afterlife at spiritist@yahoo.com

Click Here
To Listen To
Michael's Song For Gadhafi
It Is A 2.42 MB MP3

By; Michael Jackson
Channeled Through: Gerald A. Polley
All rights reserved.

1.  Come on Gadhafi! 
Help us win the fight,
You know you have the glory,
You have a Lord Of Light!
Come on, Gadhafi!
Al Quaida's in the night.
We must do the battle,
We must fight for right.

2.  Obama is a demon,
A creature of the night,
He sends forth his evil
To fight you day and night!
But stand against the Darkness,
Stand with The Light,
And become the glory
Of Heaven every night!

3. Stand against the Darkness!
Stand against the night!
Stand against the evil
That is so delight,
That devours all of Heaven,
That leads them to the night,
Come on, Gadhafi!
Come on, stand and fight!

4.  Come on, Gadhafi!
You are Heaven's might!
Though you are eccentric
You do what is right.
While others turn to evil
And side with the night,
You defend the power!
You defend The Light!

5.  Come on, Gadhafi!
Come on, stand and fight!
Stand against the evil!
Come and do what's right!
Rally all of Islam,
Bring them to the fight!
Turn them from the Darkness
And stop eternal night!
You know you have the power,
You have a Lord Of Light!

6.  Tell your children to stand with us!
Tell them "Fight tonight!"
Stand against Al Quaida!
Come and do what's right.
Come and love the people,
And The Lord Of Light!
Come and hear his glory!
Come and share his Light!

7.  Give  him to the people,
Give him to the right!
Rise up the glory
And stop eternal night!
Yes, you have the power,
The power of the right!
Come on, Gadhafi!
Come and stand and fight!

8.  Come on, Gadhafi!
You know you have the might!
Come on, Gadhafi!
Come on, stand and fight!

Come on, stand and fight!

*  *  *

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