Michael Jackson Writes A New Song In Heaven
For The People Of Japan

March 12, 2,011

Everyone wants to help with the disaster in Japan.  Michael Jackson, who is now in The Kingdom Of God and working as an assistant to John Lennon, High Apostle To Jesus Christ, and helping channel new music to Speaker Gerald Polley, God's candidate for the Presidency in 2,012, has produced a new song about the earthquake called "Rise Against The Darkness."  Here is a link to the audio demo which Michael sang through Speaker Polley. He knows the effort wasn't very good but it needed to be done immediately.  Michael is asking everyone to record this song in their own language, sell it, and send the proceeds to Speaker Polley which will be put in a trust fund for relief to Japan.  Half the funds to be used immediately and the interest from the rest to be used to do good deeds for the Japanese People in years to come, as part of Speaker Polley's Presidency. See the song lyrics below.   You can contact Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley who are well known for channeling music from The Afterlife at spiritist@yahoo.com

Click Here
To Listen To Michael's New Song
It's a 2.11 MB MP3

By; Michael Jackson
Channeled Through Gerald A. Polley
All rights reserved.

1.  Now, the Darkness rose against them
that cannot be denied!
The ground it did tremble,
and the oceans did rise.
But they have the power,
the power of The Light,
Though they have been stricken
they still have the might!

2.  The children of Heaven
live within their Lines,
The descendants of Angels
stand at their side!
Their daughters have the power
to overcome the night,
Though they have been stricken
they still have the Light!

3.  Now is the time to help them
to do what is right!
To repair the damage
so the power it can rise!
So the glory of Heaven
will never, ever die!
For they have the power,
to overcome the night.

4.  Call unto their daughters,
ask them for  the Light!
Have them stand with glory,
and overcome the night.
No matter what the evil
it can be denied,
If you use the power,
the power of  The Light!

5.  Come defeat the Darkness,
and rise into the night!
Other worlds are waiting,
the glory it will rise.
The children of Haven
are sleeping in their lines.
Come and wake the glory
and  overcome the night!

Come and wake the glory
and overcome the night!

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