An Explanation From God The Father
Concerning The Worlds To Be Given To The Courier/Protectors
That Are Also Called The Goddesses.



There is yet confusion on this subject. People don't seem to understand Our intent, so further explanation is necessary. I am asking a group of young women to take power and glory equal to my own and assist my friend and servant Demetrius, Speaker Gerald A. Polley, in Our ongoing efforts to save mankind, to stop the homosexual movement and return decency to the world, to end the power of the UN that desires to sodomize all my children. Because my Son Jesus has been driven away by those who desire this filth, my beloved Demetrius' powers are out of control. He cannot distinguish those who can be saved from those who cannot. So these young ladies must become protectors to travel with him and his wife, and shield those who can be saved from Demetrius' power. Because he would not be able to harm them those around them that have done small misdeeds and can be saved would be protected.



This is a great responsibility, a tremendous need. These young women would be in constant danger. There are those that would do all in their power to keep them from performing their mission so the children of the world would be sodomized. They cannot be asked to give up so much without being offered a substantial reward. So therefore, I offer to give them power and glory equal to my own so they may perform their mission, and then in a hundred years or so when Demetrius' people return to the stars, they will be given worlds of their own to rule over as I rule over Earth. They will become the God The Mothers of those worlds as I am the God The Father of this world.



Right now there are four worlds that are being offered, plus the original world that is to be inhabited by Demetrius' (Speaker Polley's) people, The Spiritists. Speaker Polley will have the authority of distributing the properties on the Spiritist world. The goddesses will have the authority to distribute the property on the other worlds as rewards for those people that serve us in this crisis. Below are the links to those four worlds, and to a fifth one. I will explain about that on that world's page. But click on the first link and let Us begin.


The Islamic World


The Christian World


The Hindu World


The Shinto World


The Spiritist World


Planet California


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