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As we have been telling people about the terrible spiritual dead zones that The Kingdom Of God has created, they have complained that the information is too scattered through our magazine, Voices From Spirit, that it needed to be more centrally located so that people could better understand this tragic situation.  So we have prepared this Journal so that people can get a better idea of what is happening, what The Kingdom Of God is doing.  We hope it will help.

Speakers Gerald & Linda Polley
Fargo, North Dakota, USA
January 9, 2,002


There is currently a great struggle going on between The Kingdom Of God, The United States, and The Islamic countries of The Middle East.  The United States and The Islamic Nations are trying to destroy The Kingdom Of God by destroying Its earthly foundation on Earth, Israel, by making The Israelis give up their land to The Palestinians including Jerusalem, the most sacred ground that exists to The Kingdom Of God.  The Kingdom Of God tried several different measures to reach the people of The United States, and, The Middle East to make Their feelings known, but to no avail.  Finally The Kingdom Of God officially declared war on The United States and has been doing everything in Its power to destroy the American economy, for this is all the American people love, their economic prosperity.  It was what those who supported them in The Afterlife betrayed Jesus for, siding with Clinton and his supporters with the cry "Economic prosperity is all that matters!  Jesus is out of touch!"
FInally, in utter desperation, The Kingdom Of God has resorted to Its ultimate weapon, Its most devastating and horrible weapon.  It has created in The United States, and, in The Middle East, spiritual dead zones, places where They have literally removed the power of God, drained all spiritual and life energy from the area, leaving it completely void.  This is The Kingdom Of God's equivalent of atomic bombs and nerve gas.  It is the most horrible action They can take, the most devastating thing They can do to any people.  And They have never done it to this extent, before.  During World War II The Kingdom Of God and Its Allies removed as little as 10% of the energy from Germany and Japan, minuscule amounts, but this was enough to destroy them.  In The United States and The Arab countries They are removing ALL the spiritual energy!  They are leaving absolutely NOTHING!  This has never been done before.  We are learning the effects of this effort as we go, but the effects that have been seen thus far, are horrifying enough to make anyone aware of them extremely desiring of getting these dead zones shut down.
On the following page are links to articles describing what is happening in these dead zones.  You only have to read to understand why Those in The Afterlife want Their loved ones to respond, to accept The Kingdom Of God's Mideast Peace Proposal

of a separate homeland for The Palestinians outside of Israel, with Israel keeping all the lands it now holds, including those claimed by The Palestinians, especially Jerusalem and The Temple Mount.  There can be no peace, there can be no hope of peace, until all involved agree to this proposal.  It is the beginning point of any other negotiations.  The Kingdom Of God will not even consider anything else until the agreement on this is understood by the world.  There can be NO Palestinian State on Israeli soil, it will simply NOT be permitted!   The Kingdom Of God WILL NOT ALLOW IT no matter who supports it, no matter who agrees to it, The Kingdom Of God will not permit it.  That is an absolute.  The Kingdom Of God will continue to use Its terror weapon, the spiritual dead zones, until the world's governments accept Its demands, or, until It destroys mankind.  There is no other possibility.  There is nothing anyone can do to stop the spiritual dead zones until The Kingdom Of God has what It wants.  They will not budge, They will not discuss.  Israel will be secure, or, those that oppose it will be destroyed.  There is nothing else; anyone that tries to say there can be is not of The Kingdom Of God.
Read what is happening in the dead zones, and wonder if you should be talking to your government officials, saying "For God's sake, give The Kingdom Of God what It wants!"  All the information is here, everything you need to tell your leaders, and you should be telling them, you should be screaming at them!

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This site is by no means finished. The Kingdom Of God is debating now, rather or not new dead zones should be added besides those already planned. The publishing dates of our magazine on this web site are; February 1st, May 1st, August 1st, and November 1st. New information will be added after these dates as it is published in Voices From Spirit. You might want to check back from time to time, for updates.


People continue to ask "Why is this happening?  What has so upset The Kingdom Of God that They would take such drastic action?  The link below leads to a summary of what has happened in the last few years that was used to explain why Joseph Smith was being elevated to an Apostleship.  The information is just as good to explain why The Kingdom Of God is creating these terrible dead zones, why It is fighting so bitterly.