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Vol. 22 No. 8
Copyright © August, 2,008

By Spiritist Publications By The Polleys. All rights reserved. No reproduction of the whole or any part of this magazine may be made without the written permission of the publisher.

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Page 1
A Perplexing Thing
By; Gerald A. Polley

The First Draft Of
The Constitution Of The Spiritist Republic


Page 2
Why The Power Always Grows

Pray For Your Warriors



Page 3
To The American Media


Page 4
Gerald To The First Lady-

Part 1

Page 5
Gerald To The First Lady-

The Conclusion

Page 6
To The First Lady- Glorious Fourth

God's Covenant With
The United Arab Emerites


God To The First Lady-
Support Army Spc. Jeremy Hall!



Page 7
Letter Of Reprimand

Page 8
To The First Lady-
He Has Been Reprimanded

To The First Lady-
Changes Already


To The First Lady-
A Mother's Desperate Plea



Page 9
Free Tarot Card Readings
For Senator Barack Obama
& Senator John McCain

Page 10
Jesus To The First Lady-
The Son Is Back!

Jesus To The First Lady-
The Way To Salvation


To The First Lady-
Please Deliver


Page 11
Jesus To The First Lady-
The Beginnings Of A Cast

I Am Not The King


Page 12
To The First Lady-
If We Went To Europe

How Can They Ask This?


An Ancient Proverb


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