I have given you a servant, I have given you a voice that will give you my words and tell you what needs to be done. He needs those to help him work. Fulfill those needs and the whole world will be glorified, not just one part of it, all of it. If all the people rise up and get rid of the corruption the world will survive. If they say "I'm only gonna worry about myself!" then the world will perish. As We say, it's simple.
Here again are the links to what we need. An organization to unify the world, to bring back slavation, to unite all peoples in the common cause, a force to be reckoned with. A force that will not care just for the rich but will care for every child that holds out its hand and says "Help me! Don't let me be used! Don't let me be abused! See that I have enough to eat, a warm place to sleep, and loving, caring parents." Unless there are people that will answer that plea my world has no hope, my creation is lost. Here's what needs to be done. Help us do it.

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Here's one other link before I end today. We have lost a soul. We have lost a child to eternal night. But her last wish was that somehow her mother be reached and that she do what is right so that she would have eternal life and not follow her into eternal night. It is still my desire that her last prayer be answered, that her mother fulfill her wishes and gain eternal life. I again ask that the media of the world make sure she has heard her daughter's message, that some day she may stand before me and say "God forgive me. I did a terrible thing. But I did what was right and now ask entry into Your Kingdom." And I can answer "Welcome, daughter! You spoke the truth and your sins have been forgiven you.


He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All Now, And, Forever


John Lennon on his Tower Of Announcements in The Kingdoms Of God taken from the video "Care."

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