An Open Letter From God The Father
To First Lady Laura Bush
To Be Delivered By Sarah Parker Of CNN Or The Media Of Texas 28-02-00 AJ

Greetings My Beloved And Still Powerful Daughter!

I sent you into the world on a great mission, to end the years of slavery that your sisters have suffered under, and to restore them to their place of equality with their brothers, to assist Our Beloved Demetrius ( Speaker Gerald A. Polley of Bismarck, ND ) in awakening his Children so there would be no discourse between them and mine. As part of this mission you were to be the first female American President. This was your destiny. But now I am told you are lost to me because the anti abortionists with their false teachings, the pro gay forces with their sickness have turned you against me, and you refuse to accept my truths, have cast aside your future, and will not accept that that I intended for you. I am told We have failed, that We cannot fulfill your destiny. I refuse to believe this is so! As long as you have breath, as long as your heart beats I believe We can fulfill Our purpose. It may take eleven years or so, but I still believe We can make you the first female President. You will have to be the first female Vice President first, but I believe you can still be the power that I intended you to be. You can still free your sisters from their bondage and end their persecution, not just in The United States, but throughout the world. You are puttering in your new home in Dallas, aimless and I think really rather bored. You know there are things you should be doing. You see your sisters losing their homes, you see hungry children and you know it should not be. You know they should not be sacrificed. Here is the link to Demetrius' old web site, his first Presidential campaign.

I am asking him now to run again in 2,012 and I am asking you, again, to be his Vice Presidential Candidate. The first time around We asked your husband's father to be his campaign chairman, to help raise the funds and do the paperwork, and help Demetrius gain the Republican nomination. Now I am asking your husband to do that. But I have a far more important mission for you. Because the election drove my beloved Son away, Our Beloved Demetrius' powers are crippled. We must rebuild a system to empower him so that in four years he will be at his full efficiency, and able to carry on his mission. Here are two links pertaining to that effort. There are many things that must be done, many hours of work that are needed. I ask you to join Demetrius now and assist him in gathering those that need to do this work.

( See Page 36 )

( See Page 37 )

We are getting emails saying that We are insane because We speak the truth. You know that We are not. You know what is in your heart. You hear the cry of every girl that is being tortured for some man's pleasure, and you hear the cries of those that want to fight. You were sent to lead them. You were sent to free them. You were sent to empower them. I need you to do what you were sent to do, what you agreed to do. I need you to tell those that tell you you can't do it, that it's impossible, to look at them and say "God tells me I can, and I think God knows better than you! I think I'll listen to Him!"
We are winning battles but We are also losing them because We do not have all Our strength. If We had all Our strengh We would be invincible, We would be unstoppable! As long as We do not unite We will fail and that is why the creatures of Darkness keep you from the fight. But now there is another matter. Now, not only do you have to free your sisters, but you have to regain the respect of the old. The youth of the world now consider the old worthless, something that should be cast aside to make room for them, that should be stored away and forgotten. We must make them understand the wisdom that comes with age, and though a body may have become weak and the mind a little slower, the spirit is still strong. And that spirit can lead them out of any Darkness. You need to show the young what the seasoned can do, what the tempered can do, what those who have the experience can do. They say you are lost to me. They say you have forsaken me, but you still have life, you still breathe, you still have my desires, so I refuse to believe that that is so. Prove me right!

He Who Dwells In The Holiest Of All Now, And, Forever


He Can't Give Up!

For more than a year God has been hammering at The First Lady Laura Bush practically begging her to join Our efforts. Why does He keep doing it? Why can't He accept that she will never believe, that she will never accept what we want and turn against the anti abortionists and the homosexuals? She will not give up social acceptance. It's a very simple matter..God loves her. She is one of His favorite daughters and He does not want to lose her. He knows when she realizes what she has done it will probably destroy her forever, and God doesn't want that. He wants her to exist forever. If she does not become the Goddess of one of the new worlds when we return to the stars, at least God wants her to have eternal life, eventually reach ultimacy, do The Dance Of Life, and be one of the Mothers Of Life on a new world. God hates to lose His treasures, His most precious possessions, His shining jewels, and He will keep trying to reach them until the last moment of their life and have them do what is right. God is eternal. He has knowledge far beyond those in the material form. He knows what is best for each of His children. He is telling Laura Bush where her destiny lies, even if she wants to avoid that destiny, God must tell her where it is.

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