October 3, 2,008

Internationally known psychic Linda J. Polley, of Bismarck, North Dakota, who has worked with the Spirit of John Lennon, formerly of The Beatles, since 9/9/99 has channeled over 160 new songs by him that he has written in The Afterlife! Back on June 19, 2,000 Linda channeled John's song "Why Have We Forsaken Him?" John had written this song during the time when Jesus had left earth with our extra terrestrial friends, Everyone thought never to return, because of His betrayal by His followers in The Kingdom Of God who got people to support Bill Clinton instead of turning away from him. This song was never put on line.
Jesus returned to Earth with help from the efforts of John Lennon in the 2,000 Presidential election, who had encouraged the people to vote for George W. Bush.

Things were going pretty well until October 1st, 2,008. God The Father had instructed
Speaker Gerald Polley
to run for The Presidency as a Republican candidate in the 2,008 election. The media was ignoring him. Jesus spoke through Gerald almost every day for about a year sending email messages to The White House, to First Lady Laura Bush, who God wanted to run as Gerald's vice presidential candidate. There was no reply.
On October 1st First Lady Laura Bush actually visited Bismarck, North Dakota, the city where The Polley's live, and still did not contact them. Jesus was heartbroken that someone who had promised God they would come back to perform this mission for Him did not respond. He resigned, sealed The Kingdom Of God, The Book Of Life, and The Hall Of Judgment, announcing He planned to go off with our extra terrestrial friends on the sabbath of November 8th, after the election, no matter who wins, never to return. He will serve another race on another world who will welcome Him. This betrayal was too much to bear! John Lennon wanted this song finally released to the public so people would know what they have done and what they are losing. We hope everyone will understand the terrible situation and sincerely return their faith to Jesus instead of the ways of man. We pray there will be a miracle, to turn this situation around, and that the world will not be doomed to almost certain death. Below are the song lyrics and an audio demo Linda recorded.

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By; John Lennon

Channeled Through; Linda J. Polley
All rights reserved.

Oh, now, why have we forsaken Him
to that dark and distant shore?
He promised us forever,
Now forever is no more.
He was always knocking,
And we've slammed and locked the door,
Oh why have we forsaken Him
to that dark and distant shore?

1. Why can't everybody live in peace,
and make all the wars and fighting here to cease?
Just what have you got to lose,
but your immortal souls,
this world and, the Afterlife besides?

2. We need to slow things down and think of love,
to stop all the hate and discourse that we have.
We need to get along, to fight the Darkness
and be strong,
And then the Light will soon be turning on.

(Chorus To End)

* * *

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