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Vol. 17 No. 2
Copyright May, 2,003

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This Is Our 17th Anniversary Issue!

Page 1
Columbia's Fate Fairly Certain

Page 2
Columbia Search Party Ready

Page 3
Showing Their True Selves

Page 4
You Are Powerful Prayers!

Page 5
The Champion Of God

Page 6
Astronauts Secure!

Page 7
A Mother's Greatest Gift

Page 8
If Your Dead Stay Put!

Page 9
Jesus' Advice To Bush Harsh

Page 10
Pictures Of Heaven's Hero

Page 11
French Spirits Still Fighting For God

Page 12
Trying To Reach A Friend

Page 13
Columbia Commander To President "Help Us!"

Page 14
Victory One Place, Failure Another

Page 15
Rhode Island Disaster A Bad Sign

Flat Universe

Page 16
Soul Beat

So Many Peepians

Page 17
A Truth, Nonetheless

Page 18
Trouble In The Stars

Every Inch Of Space

Page 19
A Beatles & Friends Concert

Page 20
A Beatles & Friends Concert

Sexless Peepians

Page 21
The Champion Of God Strikes First

Page 22
Imagination's Place
Just Desserts
By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 23
He's Got Us Hooked!

Page 24
Bush Doesn't Please God

Page 25
Jesus' Wrath On Bush

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This Issue Is Sponsored By

Barney Snow
Independent Film Maker From London, England
Producer of the documentary "Where Has Eternity Gone?"
about The Polleys' work with
The Spirit of John Lennon, formerly of The Beatles,
during the 2,000 U.S. Presidential Election.
"Where Has Eternity Gone?"
is being shown at film festivals around the world.


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