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Vol. 19 No. 3
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Page 1
A Little Bit Of Trickery

Power Stabilized

A Little Voices

On The Old Worlds

Page 2
Jesus' Disappointment

Page 3
How's Johnny Doing?

Great Game!

Page 4
Trial By The Media

Media Coverage
On The Old Worlds

Page 5
Jesus May Move To Bismarck

On The Move!

Page 6
Moving Frustrations

Moving On The Old Worlds

Page 7
California Dreaming

George Withdrawing

Page 8
Where Are Those Mighty Hands?

Power Beginning In Bismarck

A Sample From A Recent "Here's Jesus!"

Page 9
How Did The Old Worlds
Preserve Documents

Page 10
Working Too Well And
Song For Bismarck

Page 11
The Last Check!

Vicious Betrayal

Not Far Enough

Liable Laws
On The Old Worlds

Page 12
Preparing For The Move

Page 13
Mystery Song!

License To Murder

Jesus' Art

Disappointed Newcomers

Page 14
Jesus Pushing Bismarck

Page 15

 Imagination's Place
Using The Enemy
 By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 16
 Pleasant Memories
A Story From The Life Of
Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 17
Time To Say Good-Bye

One Last Chance

Profound Question

Page 18
Must Be Doing Something Right!

Kingdom Of God Rebukes Judge

The Miracles Are Happening!

Page 19
John's Latest!

Page 20
It's Coming Together!

Resistance In Bismarck

It Was The Same Old News
With These Important Footnotes!

Choosing New Religious Leaders
 On The Old Worlds

Page 21
John Paul

Page 22
Speaker Linda Polley's New Sketches
Of Pope John Paul II In The Afterlife

Page 23

John Paul's First Words In Heaven

Pastor Culver Removed

Page 24
Is Somebody Mad!

Page 25
Jesus Gives In Bismarck

John Lennon's Afterlife Video!

Here's Jesus Back!

Fiction Stories Back!

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