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Vol. 21 No. 2
Copyright February 2,007

By Spiritist Publications By The Polleys. All rights reserved. No reproduction of the whole or any part of this magazine may be made without the written permission of the publisher.

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Page 1
President Ford Watching His Funeral

Comments From You Tube
(About "
Hussein Attacks Muhammed
& Why Leave?

Page 2
New Year Beginning

Ford In Tears

Funeral Services On The Old Worlds

Page 3
Afterlife Quieting Down

Comments From You Tube
"God Make Evil ?")

Page 4
Some Time Later

Page 5
Hussein Attacks Muhammed Directly!

Hussein Still Attacking Muhammed

Comments From You Tube
"Not My Woman" & "
God Gives Power Against Hussein")

Page 6
Did You Have A Headache Yesterday?

Page 7
It's Not The Flu!

Page 8
Somethin's Workin'!

Page 9
Not My Woman You Don't!

An Open Letter
From Mary, The Wife Of Joseph And
The Mother Of Jesus
To Artist Kate Kretz

Comments From You Tube
"Way To Go Ladies!")

Page 10
Way To Go, Ladies!

Comments From You Tube
"Way To Go Ladies!" Continued)

Page 11
Why Do They Do It?

Comments From You Tube
"Muhammed's Offer To The Maudi Army")

Page 12
Too Much Going On! A New Song

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Page 13
We Need To Kick Him Again!

Page 14
It Might Not Be A Cold! Here's The Cure

Comments From You Tube
"John Lennon's Message")

Page 15
No English Cruise Ships! & Prayer Working

Comments From You Tube
"Steve Irwin")

Page 16
Dark Power Beyond Belief!

Page 17
Muhammed Won't Surrender!

Page 18
Odin Whacks Hussein!

Comments From You Tube
(About "
Are They Prophets Or Are They Not?")

Page 19
Father Abraham Answers Hussein!

Comments From You Tube
(About "
King Arthur Returns")

Page 20
One Down! King's Comments

Page 21
The Light Is Coming!

Page 22
Muhammed Didn't Get A Scratch

Comments From You Tube
(About "
Steve Irwin")

Page 23
Mighty Allies

From "Light"

Page 24
Give Us More Donalds & It's Here!

From "Light"

Page 25
Donald's Best Destiny

From "Light

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