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Vol. 3 No. 9
Copyright May, 1990

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Page 1
Hero Of The Day
By: Speaker Gerald Polley

Book Review
By; Speaker Linda J. Polley

By; Jackie Ramirez

The Gift Of Grace
By; Dawn Joy Lindsay

Page 2
The Spirits Speak An Interview With
The Spirit Of  Margaret Fox
One Of The Founders Of Modern Spiritualism

Page 3
Press Release
RE: Response Concerning Attacks Against
Intuitive Explorations And Gloria Reiser

On Prejudice
(Metaphysics Part 2)

Page 4
Poetry Space Featuring

The Fright By Joseph Presley

The Silver Ring By Lady Cat Powers

Open Sesame By Fletcher DeWolf

Page 5
Know Whom You Serve!
By; FREEDOM (Continued From Last Issue)

The Umiverse, A Mode Of The Mind
By; Julia Voight Gonzalez
(Continued From Last Issue)

Page 6
Imagination's Place
Just A Little Bit Of Mischief
By:  Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 7
Imagination's Place
(The Conclusion)

On Prejudice
(Metaphysics Part 2)
(The Conclusion)

A Tribute To
Ryan White

The Spirits Spoke?

Laugh Space

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