John Lennon's New Songs From Heaven

John Lennon's New Songs From Heaven
Channeled Through Internationally Known Psychic Linda J. Polley
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The following lyrics and audio demos are now available on line free.
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26.  The Angel Shot My Daddy!
John's new country song.

27.  Vanilla Rain
John's version of the hit song "Chocolate Rain".

28.  We Got The Fire!
John teamed up with Kurt Cobain to write this song
during a battle of the bands with the demons in the Los Angeles area.

29.  Jerry's Heart Of Gold
John and God wrote this song praising Jerry Lewis
for all the good he's done over the years.

30.  Vote For Polley! (Stop The Pervert!)
John wrote this song for the Gerald Polley For President! Campaign.

31.  Sailors!
John's song for The Navy requested by sailors in The Afterlife.

32. I Won't Bite That Bat!
John's song tribute to legendary rock star Ozzy Osborne.

33. No Tears On Christmas
A new Christmas song by the powerhouse songwriting team in The Afterlife of
John Lennon, George Harrison, Kurt Cobain and Johnny Cash!
We hope you love it and will pass it on.

34. Come On, New Orleans!
John Lennon wrote this song at the request of Father Abraham, who is reincarnating,
to encourage the people of New Orleans to support Speaker Gerald Polley's presidential campaign.

35. Lennon Lennon
John Lennon's new song for the rock singer Lennon.

36. Pansy Warrior Princess
John Lennon's new song for The Polleys' new friend
in California Pansy Warrior Princess who has fun internet t.v. show.

37. The Black Nerd And His Power
John Lennon's new song for The Polleys' second new friend
in California The Black Nerd who also has fun internet t.v. show, and cohosts
Pansy Warrior Princess show on Sundays.

38. Well, You Know It Is A Fact!
John's new song explaining why he's changed his beliefs in The Afterlife.

39. Stevie Sings Like Me!
John wrote this song for comedy impersonator Stevie Riks of England,
who can look and sing just like him.

40. Why The Power Always Grows
John Lennon 's new friend in California, Andre' Meadows The BlackNerd
challenged him to write a song about him and Pansy Warrior Princess together.
John accepted the challenge and it's great! here it is!

41. Why Have We Forsaken Him?
John Lennon wrote this song in 2,000, but it is finally being released now
because Jesus has resigned! You can read all about the tragic circumstances
behind this, hear the demo and, read the lyrics here.

42. The Man From Memphis
John Lennon's song written in 2,000 that John requested be released now
to prove a phony psychic wrong, who is saying he'd hurt Elvis' daughter.
You can listen to the audio demo and, read the lyrics here.

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