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February 19, 1997

Why Does Jesus Speak Through Us?

Page 2
The Truth About
The Book Of Revelation

Page 3
A Spiritist Speaks About
No Ritual Suicide!

Was Marshall Applewhite A Walk In?

Page 4
Comments From The Spirits Of
John Kennedy, Selena, Col. Custer, Amiral Peary,
And Billy The Kid

Page 5
Financial Report

How Do Aliens Become Walk Ins?

Page 6
Reply To
"A Spiritist Speaks About Murdering Gays"
By; Rev. Robert Beckett

Where Did The Book Of Revelation Come From?

Page 7
By; Renee Hatfield.

Gods And Devils
By; The Mouse Queen

How Can The Nazarene
Reject Those Who Sin After They Have
Accepted Salvation?

Page 8
Ashtarian Sorrow Continues

Page 9
January 30, 1997

February 19, 1997

Page 10
Book & Music Reviews
By; Speaker Linda J. Polley

Angels In A Harsh World By; Don Bradley
Jivamukti: Guided Relaxation And Meditation Instruction
From; The Jivamukti Yoga Center
Teachings Of The Winged Disk By; Phaedron-Hierophant.

Page 11
A Description Of The 4th
Members Of The Galactic Community

Page 12
Did The Ashtarians Agents
Cause The New Botchulism?

Honor Our Mothers And Fathers
On Their Holidays

Page 13

Who Exactly Does Jesus Want
To Leave California?

How I Knew
Marshall Applewhite Was Trouble

Page 14
May's Spirits Speak

Page 15
Jesus Disappointed In
The Trinity Broadcasting Network

Page 16
Imagination's Place
The Price Of Conquest
By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 17
Was the "48 Hours" Episode On "The Bruderhof"
Fair To Those Whose Ideas Are Not
In Mainstream Society?

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