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Page 1
Why Are Clinton's Supporters Damned?

Page 2
Why Hawaii?

Page 3
Five Spiritual Questions Answered

Page 4
Short Fuse
A Story From The Life Of Speaker Gerald A. Polley.

Page 5
Technology From The Old Wolds
Space Travel Details

Page 6
A Description of The 15th Race
Of The Galactic Community

Page 7
By; Renee Hatfield

Page 8
Poetry Space
My Spirit Speaks
By; Mary Booth

Page 9
The Greatest Sacrifice
Experts in the Kingdom Of God discover another unique phenomena.
Are the innocent Souls There really suffering The Second Death
because their loved ones in the material world
support The Dark One? (Bill Clinton)

Page 10
What's Been Going On Here?
By; Speaker Linda J. Polley
An update of current events in our lives.

Page 11
Imagination's Place
Computer Lessons
By Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 12
An example of why Jesus pronounced
The Edict on California & Hawaii

Page 13
Book & Music Reviews
Cafe' 1930
By; Mark Gould from Angel Records
Spirit Nation by; Judy Crescenzo, from; V2 Records.

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