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Vol. 17 No. 1
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Page 1
Jesus To U.S. "Tell Saudis!"

Page 2
Gearing Up For Tomorrow

Page 3
John Lennon Tries Again

Page 4
Victory!  Victory!  Victory!

Page 5
John Gone For Good

Page 6
What A Mess Emotions Make!

Money On The Old Worlds

Page 7
Better But Not Good

Page 8
25% Of "Wow!"

Page 9
Irv Rubin?

Page 10
Share Monday

Page 11
Jesus' Son

Page 12
Hussein's Butt Song

Page 13
Hussein's Butt Dance

Page 14
Troublesome Times

Page 15
Muhammed Liked Miss World

Page 16
George Hopes To Outdo John

Page 17
George's Power Flowing

Page 18

  Police On The Old Worlds

Page 19
Dream Hell

Page 20
Dead Zones Spreading

Page 21
God Anoints Laura Bush

Page 22
Come On, Laura!

Page 23
A Little Slap

Page 24
Let It Be

Lotteries On The Old Worlds

Page 25
On A Roll And Willing To Be Generous

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