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Vol. 22 No. 11
Copyright © November, 2,008

By Spiritist Publications By The Polleys. All rights reserved. No reproduction of the whole or any part of this magazine may be made without the written permission of the publisher.

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Page 1
My Protest Days
A Story From The Life Of
Gerald A. Polley
( Part 1 )

Page 2
Declaration Of Resignation

Page 3
A Profound Document

Voices And More

Where Would You Go?

Page 4
Talking To The Queen Of England

The Truth Is Dangerous

Page 5
Cheap Freighter Escorts

What Difference Does It Make?

Page 6
To The BBC

Why Have We Forsaken Him?

Page 7
Muhammed Resigns

Adam To Nicodemas

Page 8
The Ad That Could Save The World

Belarus Letter

Page 9
Krishna's Appeal

Keep 'Em Secret

Page 10
A Son Of Heaven

To The President Of The UN

They Know

Page 11
From Pope To Pope

They Should Speak

Page 12
October 10th Update

From Justice To Justice

Page 13
Kennedy To The Senate

They All Have The Right To Serve

Page 14
From Emperor To Emperor

A Note From Speaker Gerald Polley

Page 15
Jesus' Farewell To North Dakota

We Think We've Got It Bad!

Page 16
Condemnation Of Massacuhsetts

Page 17
Jesus' Last Appeal To Arnold

Page 18
Hirohito To South Korean

McDonald's Boycott Lifted!

Royalty Just Keeps Going!

Page 19
Last Words To Florida

My Protest Days
A Story From The Life Of
Gerald A. Polley
( The Conclusion )

Page 20
Farewell To Texas

Page 21
Farewell To Maine

Page 22
October 16th Update

Imagination's Place
"On My Ground"
By Gerald A. Polley
Part One

Page 23
Official Separation

Who Empowers Us?

Page 24
James' Wish Is Granted

Acceptable Suicides

Page 25
Psychokinetic Poisoning

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