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Vol.11 No. 8
Copyright � January, 1998

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Page 1
What Really Caused Princess Di's Death

Page 2
Portland Web Smith
Deleted Our Web Site!

Page 3
A Spiritist Speaks About
Why Spirits' Messages Are Often Misinterpreted

Page 4
The Spirits Speak
An Interview With The Spirit Of
Edgar Allan Poe

Page 5
Comments From
The Spirit Of Crazy Horse

Page 6
Soul And Spirit
By; Jackie White Bear Ramirez

Page 7
Would The Extra-Terrestrials
Save The Earth From A Meteor Strike?

Page 8
A Great Gift Of The Power Available
For Someone To Use For Good

Page 9
It's Simply Not My Place!

Page 10
Ashtarian Stupidity Continues

Page 11
A Decription Of The 8th Members
Of The Galactic Community

Page 12
What Will Happen In The Afterlife
You Refuse To Heed The Truth?

Page 13
Flying Objects
A Story From The Life Of
Speaker Gerald A. Polley
& Why Bangor, ME Has A
Serious Homosexual Problem

Page 14
How Spiritual Healing Works

Page 15
How We Seek Out The Dark
Ones Using The Internet

Page 16
Book Reviews
By; Speaker Linda J. Polley
The Angelic Mysteries By; James D. Sanderson
Mirabilia by; James D. Sanderson

Page 17
The Beast
By; Dr. John Kurluk, PhD

Page 18
The Unarius Center

Page 19
Imagination's Place
By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 20
The Prayers Of The Children

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