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Vol. 12 No. 5
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Welcome to this on line edition of Voices From Spirit Magazine!
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Page 1
Trouble continues in The Kingdom Of God. 
Catholics continue to be attacked.

Page 2
A Spiritist Speaks About What Must Be Done 
To Lift The Edict On California & Hawaii.

Page 3
Where is Jesus?

Page 4
The Spirits Speak
Part Two of our interview with King Arthur.
The last long interview we will be publishing.

Page 5
What are we teachng our children?

Page 6
What We Have Been Talking About On The Radio. 
Especially Featuring John Lennon's Departure Song For Mary.

Page 7
"No Thank You, I Don't Drink!"
A Story From The Life Of Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 8
We Lost Pope Pius XII.

Page 9
A Description Of The 14th Race
Of The Galactic Community.

Page 10
I'm Dead In This World But Alive In The Next
By Dr. John Kurluk MsD

Page 11
Technology From The Old Worlds
Holo Decks.

Page 12
The Kingdom Of Heaven Has No Hospitals.
We Of The Spiritist Republic Care For Their Sick.

Page 13
Book & Music Reviews
By Speaker Linda J. Polley

With Wise And Spiritual People
By; William Elliot,
The Girls Of Angeli- The New Voice From The North,
From Finlandic/Atlantic Records.

Page 14
Imagination's Place
Marker (Conclusion)
By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 15
75 Million Useless Souls

Page 16
Poetry Space

Untitled Peice By Mara

Thoughts By Renee Hatfield

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