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Here is a complete list of the autobiographical stories that are available.
Some are available online.
Click on the title links to read them.

This list will be updated. Check back frequently for new entries.

Some of these stories contain violence and are not suitable for young children.

Issue #s
Story Titles
Short Descriptions
V18 N1 
Company Tools 
A Restaurant Manager Accuses Gerald Of Stealing Tools.
V18 N2 
A Brave Little Dog!
V18 N3 
A Coworker Thinks He's The Boss.
V18 N4 
Was A Lot Of Teen Mischief Really Kept Secret From Mom?
V18 N5
More Obnoxious Coworkers.!
V18 N6 
Confrontation With A Rude Cook.
V18 N7 
A Stupid Restaurant Manager Causes Trouble.
V18 N8 
Gerald Works With A Social Action Group In Maine.
V19 N1 
Gerald Has More Social Action Group Adventures.
V19 N2 
  Samuel's Problem
A New Assistant Manager Reveals His Shocking Secret.
V19 N3 
Pleasant Memories
Gerald's coworker, a waitress used to be a stripper.
V19 N4
Afternoon Snack!
Practical joker Charlie learns his lesson the hard way.
V19 N6
"Ah, Lunch!"
Gerald gets a hotel room surprise!
V20 N1
Just An Accident!
Gerald proves his point about being safety conscious.
V20 N2
Restroom Sanitation
Gerald's Swedish coworker really cleans up!
V20 N3
Short Term Employment
A racist works for the shortest time Gerald has ever seen!
V20 N4
Pastry Wars
Gerald makes pastry. Cook gets mad.
V20 N8
A Few Persuasive Slaps
One Of Gerald's rare violent kitchen experiences.
V20 N9
"Leave That Bird Alone!"
Gerald rescues a wild bird from a mean cook.
V20 N10
Georgie And Ben
Two coworkers fighting at Gerald's summer job.
V20 N11
Sign In!
A night cook thinks he's Gerald's boss.
V21 N1
"Don't Get Down On The Floor!"
A cook doesn't want Gerald cleaning on the floor.
V21 N2
A Conversation With Georgia
Gerald's fond memories of a brave lady.
V21 N3
Why Do You Think
You're Their Friend?
An abusive coworker thinks Gerald is his friend.
V21 N4
Majorie And Candy
Gerald's misadventure with two female coworkers.
V21 N5
Don't Mess With
Mother Nature!
Gerald's adventures with a friendly skunk.
V21 N6
The Boss' Ingenuity
Gerald's pleasant memories of a boss'
temporary improvising repair skills.
V21 N7
"Buy The Booze for Me!"
Gerald's coworker wants him to
buy discount alcohol for him.
V21 N8
Professional And Perfectionist
A dishwasher tries to get Gerald to do his work wrong.
V21 N9
Patching A Hole
A cook doesn't want Gerald to obey his boss
and fix a hole in the dish machine.
V21 N10
Fashion Conscious
An obnoxious manager doesn't like Gerald's rain gear.
V21 N11
"Throw Out The Scrub Pads, Or Else!"
A manager thinks he's the boss.
V22 N1
Designated Dishwasher
A cook thinks Gerald is only supposed to do dishes.
V22 N2
One Good Punch!
Gerald punches his boss!
V22 N3
Rubber Gloves
An obnoxious cook unfortunately jokes about Gerald's rubber gloves.
V22 N4
"Join The Retreat!"
An obnoxious minister harrasses Gerald.
V22 N5
"I Don't Want That In Here!"
A broken dish machine and substitute.
V22 N6
Don't Touch!
Cooks that think they can get into other people's stuff.
V22 N7
Keep Out Of The Trash!
Dishwashers keep throwing away silverware etc..
V22 N8
A Perplexing Thing
Gerald tries to understand why some guys can't stay out of a fight.
V22 N9
But They'll Melt!
Ceiling tiles gone wrong.
V22 N10
Sign In!
Time card troubles.
V22 N11
My Protest Days
Gerald goes on protests, gets girlfriend.
V22 N12
Reasons Why
Gerald helps a coworker overcome a serious problem.
V23 N1
Pleasant Duty
Gerald helps protect a church in Maine from vandalism in the '60s.

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