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Here is a complete list of the autobiographical stories that are available.
Some are available online.
Click on the title links to read them.

This list will be updated. Check back frequently for new entries.

Some of these stories contain violence and are not suitable for young children.


Issue #s
Story Titles
Short Descriptions
V10 N4 
Super Bowl Madness 
Head Chef In Trouble For T.V In Restaurant 
V11 N3 
Sense Of Humor? 
California Dude & Garbage 
V11 N4 
Getting The Point 
French Cook Argues With Knife 
V11 N5 
A Hot Time In The Kitchen 
Cook Starts Fire On One Of Gerald's First Jobs 
V11 N6 
Keystone Cake! 
Someone Gets A Cake In Face. 
V11 N7 
Being Frank
Mixed Floor Cleaner With Bleach. 
V11 N8 
Flying Objects
Cook Throws Knife. 
V11 N9 
The Beauty Within
A Unique Girlfriend. 
V12 N1 
Arrest Me!
Cop Gets Him Fired. 
V12 N2 
  "Out Of My Way!"
Dishwasher Claims Space. 
V12 N3 
Fermented Strawberry Can. 
V12 N4 
Hospital Report
Hospital Refused Service. 
V12 N5 
"No Thank You, I Don't Drink!"
  Someone Offended At A Christmas Party 
Because Gerald Can't Drink. 
V12 N6 
Short Fuse
Christmas Party Fight. 
V12 N7 
What's The Problem Here?
Religious Trespassers. 
V12 N8 
"Not With Me You Don't!"
Male Coworker Likes To Slap Guys' Butts. 
V13 N1 
Swift Justice
A Man Beats Up His Girlfriend & Is Punished. 
V13 N2 
Strangers In The Night
How Speakers Gerald & Linda Met. 
V13 N3 
Unexpected Shower
Broken Dish Machine. 
V13 N4 
Emergency Rescue
A friend & his girl's clothes are stolen! 
V13 N5 
A Customer Isn't As Henpecked As They Think! 
V13 N6 
Bang! Bang! Bang!
A Fellow Cook Doesn't Like Perfection. 
V13 N7 
"But We're You're Friends!"
The Birthday Spanking That Wasn't! 
V13 N8 
Rotating Cooks
Trouble With Restaurants Keeping Cooks. 
V14 N1 
"You're A Fool!"
A Man Has A Problem With Greed. 
V14 N2 
Religious Fanatics Lie About Us. 
V14 N3 
Making Friends 
The Hard Way!
A CoWorker Is Taught A Good Lesson. 
V14 N4 
Summer Camp
Adventures At A Girl's Summer Camp. 
V15 N1 
Practical Jokes
  A CoWorker's Joking Is A Pain. 
V15 N2 
Montgomery Scott
A Dog Tale. 
V15 N3 
Who Owns Who?
 Another Friendly Dog! 
V15 N4 
Professional Rat
Cook Blames Gerald For Being Fired But 
It Was His Own Fault.
V15 N5 
Hot Foot
Restaurant Worker Steps In Hot Grease! 
V15 N6
When You're Hot You're Hot!
Customer Gets Fresh With A Waitress, Gets A Nasty Surprise!
V16 N1
  Through The Mirror
A Mirror Helps Stop Dining Room Customer's Harassment.
V16 N3
"I Most Certainly Didn't!"
A Not Usually Friendly Police Chief Helps Gerald.
V16 N4
Three Dog Tales
Misadventures With Dobermans.
V16 N6
  "Bye Bye!"
A Restaurant Cook Gets An Unexpected 'Surprise.'
V17 N1
Show Time!
Hotel Where Gerald Works Ends Up With Drunk Kids.
V17 N2
"Who Do You Work For?"
Mysterious Spies!
V17 N3
Gentle Giant
A Friendly Bull!
V17 N4
"I'm Gerald!"
A Coworker Who Never Grew Up.

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