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A Spiritist Speaks About
The Crowns Of Heaven

Page 2
December 5, 1999

Miracle In The USA

Page 3
John Lennon's Plea

Page 4
Sabotage In Heaven

45,013 Souls Lost

Page 5
12 Days Til Christmas

Page 6
11 Days Left

Page 7
Where Is The Promise?

Page 8
George Washington On Hillary


Page 9
The Sacrifice

Page 10
Damning Words

Page 11
Al Gore & Marijuana

Page 12
Why Does Heaven Care?

Peter Reaches for 50

Page 13
Where Has Eternity Gone?

Page 14

Page 15
Where Has Our Sunshine Gone?

Page 16
Jesus Departing

Page 17
Why Is Jesus Leaving?

Page 18
Who Is Going?

When Does Jesus Go?

Page 19
Who Cares?

Page 20
Strange Phenomena

Children Released

Page 21
The Attack On George Backfires

Page 22
John Lennon Says We're Ready To Produce CD!

Page 23
False Postings

Page 24
Elian Gonzalez

Page 25
Why Me?

Page 26
Voice Of Heaven

Page 27
Muhammed's Decree

Page 28
Enough Is Enough!!!

Page 29
Editor's Page
What's Happening Here

Page 30
Why Negotiations?

Page 31
Rotating Cooks;
A Story From The Life Of Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 32
Book & Music Reviews
By; Speaker Linda J. Polley

The Oracle Teachings Soul Over Mind By; The Oracle

Heartbeat; Rhythm Of The Infinite Produced by Evan Marks

Page 33
Imagination's Place
"Hello Ivan!"

Page 34
Spirit World Update

Page 35
Miracles Are Happening!

Page 36
You Gotta Have Hearts!

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