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Vol. 16 No. 5
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Page 1
No Demons For Jesus

Page 2
Jesus Backs Off

Page 3
Dark Ones Hanging In There

Page 4
Heaven's Goals

Page 5
Heaven's Material Heroes

Page 6
K.O.G. Claims Victory In Skakel Case

Page 7
Gotti Gone

Page 8
How Did Gotti Go?

Page 9
More Incontinuities

Page 10
Heroes For Texas

Page 11
Heroes For Massachusetts

Page 12
Doomed Themselves

Page 13
Someone Murdering Mankind

Page 14
Destruction Of Texas Begun

Page 15
Success But Sadness

Page 16
Jesus To Perry

Page 17
Lost Questions

Page 18
Jesus Strikes In Dallas

Page 19
Salvation Is Available

Page 20
Beware Graham!

Page 21
Graham A Dark One?

Page 22
Perry Fails Jesus

Page 23
Imagination's Place
"I Told You To Leave!"
By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 24
Tomorrow For The U.S.

Page 25
Protecting Our Friends

Page 26
Come Into The Darkness

Page 27
King Of Belgrade

Page 28

Page 29
We Shall Come A-Callin'

Page 30
Isabella's Judgment

Page 31
At Edinburgh Film Festival!

Page 32
Small Victory For Jesus

Page 33
Don't Blame God!

Page 34
Williams On Cryogenics

Page 35
Corporate Sponsorship

Page 36
George, The Royal Comforter

Page 37
Irish Patriot

Page 38
Oops!  Small Mistake

Page 39
Book & Music Review
By; Speaker Linda J. Polley
The Source
Journey Through The Unexplained
By; Art Bell & Brad Steiger

Page 40
Why Warn?

Page 41
Chicago Stinks!

Page 42
Why Attack Catholics?

Page 43
I'm Not Perfect

Page 44
No Zone In Washington

Page 45
Poetry Space
Far From East
By Lawrence D. Reynolds

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