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Vol. 8 No.2
 Copyright © July, 1994

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Page 1
A Sad Passing

Page 2
A Spiritist Speaks About
A Personal Mission Completed

Affirmation Of Rightness
From Orpheus Channeled By Tamadhi Hill

Page 3
The Spirits Speak
A Channeled Interview With
The Spirit Of Vlad The Impaler (Dracula)

Page 4
The Spirits Speak
Part 2 With Vlad The Impaler

Page 5
T he Spirits Speak-
The Conclusion Of Our Interview
With Vlad The Impaler

Page 6
May 9 & May 10, 1994

Page 7
Laws Of The Old Worlds
Part 4- Freedom Of Speech

Page 8
Book Reviews
By Speaker Linda J. Polley
The Shift To Spirit By; El Morya & Shem Emmanuel
The Kryon Writings By; Lee Carroll

Page 9
The Great Sharing

Page 10
Imagination's Place
Just A Few Steps More
By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 11
Imagination's Place
The Conclusion Of This Story

Page 12
Part Four Of Our Interview With Queen Victoria
And Some Follow Up Questions Answered By
St. Theresa Of The Little Flower

Page 13
Trouble With The Grand Allliance

Why We Say "No!" To Chapter 7

Page 14
In The Tabloids

Davy Crockett Comments On The Alamo


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