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Vol. 18 No. 8
Copyright September, 2,004

By Spiritist Publications By The Polleys. All rights reserved. No reproduction of the whole or any part of this magazine may be made without the written permission of the publisher.


We're Shutting Down

Unless a miracle happens and we get some sponsors or, a publisher, this will probably be the last Voices.  Linda simply can no longer carry the load alone, trying to do too many things; the magazine, the "Here's Jesus!" the political campaign, it is simply too much.  Stupid mistakes were being made, problems that didn't exist were coming up and it simply became too much.  We hope this will only be a short hiatus for a few months, that it will not be a permanent discontinuance of our Work.  But unless some help comes we simply can no longer continue.  It is making our personal relationship unbearable.  These are the saddest times.  The power is flowing like it never has before, but we simply can't make it grow.  Everyone in The Afterlife is crying "Where are Our children?  Where are Our people?  Where are Our believers?  Why don't they come?"  and no one can answer the question.  We've had people refuse to help because their wives would object, because their mothers would object, because their fathers would object.  We've had people offer us hundreds of thousands of dollars if we'd give up our objections to homosexuality.  But no one has come forward and said "Here's what you need!  We give it joyously because you do The Work Of The Lords!"  And Everyone is wondering why that hasn't happened.  That isn't what we want, we want a publisher, we want to sell some of our manuscripts, we want to produce John Lennon's new music, we want to pay our own way.  But everyone says "You're too controversial, you're too confrontational, you won't compromise."  There is simply no way we can carry on alone any longer.  From time to time there may be some special editions until we get reestablished. Our deepest regrets to all.

Best Wishes To All,

The Polleys

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Page 1
This Is Really Who's Who!

Not Enough Power

Kerry Is A Loser!
Another Song For The Republicans
By; Johann Sebastian Bach

Page 2
Hey, What's Goin' On Around Here?

Putting Them Out

Page 3
You Gotta Get Us Up!

Page 4
No Peace In Harlem

Don't Vote For Kerry!
(Stop The Pervert!)
A New Song By John Lennon
For The Republicans!

Page 5
Eerie Choirs

Page 6
Headquarters: Dakota Building

Page 7
A Deep Sadness Ended

Page 8
The Roosevelts For Maine!

Page 9

Page 10
Song For Maine

*  *  *
Page 11
* * * The Kingdom Of God's  * * *
* * * Political Campaign Site * * *

California's Dreamin'

Seeking Perfection

*  *  *

Page 12
Mary Magdalene Attacked!

Everybody Angry

Page 13
Hey, Mr. Lincoln!

Page 14
Dark Forces Strike Again!

Page 15
Go, Wisconsin!

Page 16
Davis For Dixie!

Page 17
We're Gonna Win In Texas!

Page 18
Borrowing Some Music

Page 19
Barriers Strengthening

A Budding New Artist

Page 20
You Don't Have To Show Me!

Page 21
Jesus Condemns Cheney

Page 22
Moses To Nevada!

Page 23
Nevada's Rockin'!

Page 24
Mr. King Is Here!

Page 25
Tellin' It Like It Is

Page 26
Escort Party
A Story From The Life Of
Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 27
Can't Do That!

Page 28
Imagination's Place
15% Increase
By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 29
A Small Gift

Book & Music Reviews
By; Linda J. Polley
Tao of the Ride
Motorcycles and the
Mechanics of the Soul
By; Garri Garripoli and friends

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