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Vol. 21 No. 11
Copyright November, 2,007

By Spiritist Publications By The Polleys. All rights reserved. No reproduction of the whole or any part of this magazine may be made without the written permission of the publisher.

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Page 1
"Sign In!"
A Story From The Life Of
Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 2
ConAgra Hewlitt Packard?

Page 3
Pressing On!

Page 4
3,000 Saved!

Page 5
Another Incredible Miracle!

Page 6
He's Got Crabs!

Page 7
Great Ideas!

Page 8
Truth, Nonetheless

Page 9
Not Blindy, Again

Page 10
Miracle In Cleveland!

Page 11
Your, Not For!

Page 12
California Problems

Page 13
Now Hitting Double!

Page 14
Fantastic Opportunity!

Page 15
Dark Ones Crumbling

Page 16
Why Do They Hide?

Page 17
Seeking Those In Need

Page 18
Stopping The Little Guy

Page 19
Mailing Home

Page 20
I Won't Bite That Bat!

Page 21
We're Coming, Ozzy!

Page 22
Grand Gathering!

Page 23
Hitting Near To Home

Page 24
The Pain Boss, The Pain!

Page 25
It's Here! It's Good!

Verses From "The Book Of The Dove"

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