Happy Friday The 13th!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
To The World

13-07-03 AJ

Happy Friday The 13th!  I can say this because 13 is my lucky number, though it doesn’t seem to be helping me much at penny bingo lately.  Oh and my second lucky number is 9 because it was John Lennon’s favorite number because of his birthday October 9th.  Where I’ve channeled new music by him since 9/9/99 I thought also adopting his lucky number was kind of a tribute. Here’s the link to the songs I’ve channeled.


Getting ready to turn the big 6-1 tomorrow.  Not planning much considering what’s happened here recently.  If Denny’s still has the free birthday meal I’m going to take a cab up for that.  I may even take a break and check out the new Spider Man movie, broadcast it into The Afterlife so Gerald and everyone could see it.  Not sure on that though.  I’m not very good at theaters, need too many bathroom breaks.  However Gerald wants me to do something special somehow.  It’s not every day you get to be that age.  I’m hoping I’ll be saying that when I get to be 100!  Anyway, had to come back with another look at the news. 

What a disappointment to read that Mary Kennedy allegedly committed suicide by hanging herself in her barn last Friday!  She was apparently in the middle of a divorce. With everything happening concerning my husband Gerald I missed this information until now.  Now her husband who she was divorcing is moving her body from where she is now with the rest of their family, to a “quieter spot” in the cemetery and buying several other plots for future use.  There is even some question concerning rather or not she tried to prevent her death. Another mystery!  The poor lady went through enough.  She was taking three anti depressants now she died and there’s all this!  It seems like not many people can rest in peace lately. 

God’s still going after the evil doers out there!  Like Gerald said no matter what political party you belong to, no matter what religion, if you’ve done wrong justice will catch up to you sooner or later!  Looks like the mayor of The District Of Columbia, Vincent Gray, is finding that out the hard way.  There is an ongoing federal investigation going on concerning his campaign in 2,010.  He is being asked to resign by three councilmen after a public relations agent pleaded guilty to the charges that she helped illegally steer over $650,000 to a shadow campaign to boost his chances of beating his opponent in the primary election.  I hope he steps down soon.
Apparently Obama is losing popularity with the Latino voters according to a poll. I hope this is correct.

This next story sounds like a movie plot.  Two domesticated chimps escaped from their home in Las Vegas, a male and female. The police were called.  The chimps seemed agitated and possibly dangerous.  One of them was shot and killed by an officer.  The second was tranquilized and captured.  It’s another mystery as no one knows who the owners are.  They didn’t say but I’ll bet it was the male that was killed.  Poor things!  I hope the surviving one will be o.k..

In Florida a priest has been asked to step down by the diocese bishop because he has twice been shoplifting from a local Neiman Marcus store and been caught on surveillance video.  The first time he stole a picture frame worth over $800, then at another Neiman Marcus store he stolen two Italian coats.  He says he’s innocent but has taken a leave of absence all he same. I’m glad he was caught!  I wonder how he got away with the coats?  He hid the picture frame inside his coat.  Now this is pretty serious stuff!  Way to go Pope John Paul II who is helping God bring down The Catholic Church if it’s not reformed to meet His requirements!  Yep!  No matter what you are if you do evil it will be found out sooner or later and justice will be done even if  it’s when you get to Heaven.

Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and, the world!

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