Pray For Our Country


I’m Speaker Linda Polley.

I’m a 71 year old internationally known psychic who channels new music from The Afterlife by famous composers from throughout the ages.

Speaker Linda Polley

I have performed these songs since 9/9/99 on radio interviews by phone with stations all over the world, including The World Famous KROQ in Los Angeles, California USA with Kevin & Bean. You can hear most of our archived interviews here.

There was a documentary film made about my husband and I concerning this music and our work during the 2000 presidential election called “Where Has Eternity Gone?” made by our good friend Barney Snow from London, England.

My husband Gerald who died on July 4, 2012, have worked together with Those in The Afterlife to help save the world, and to bring news of what’s going on over There. He channeled messages from Jesus, God The Father, and many many more who work with The Light.

Gerald and Linda Polley

We have both appeared on ABC TV’s “Jimmy Kimmel, Live!” four times in 2004 singing some of our channeled songs. The picture above was taken by one of the professional photographers there. One of these songs, the first I channeled, “Listen To The Angels” has been remixed by the artist Moby, thanks to our friends at KROQ, for charity. You can hear many more of these songs on our web site.

My husband Gerald was even God’s Candidate For The Presidency in the 2012 election. He stuck with his campaign until the end. You can see his campaign videos at You Tube from the link given on the side of this page.

Gerald was the bravest person that I know of in the world. He was 65 years old. We had been married for forty years June 2nd. He didn’t find out he had colorectal cancer until the second week of May, 2012. It was stage four. He had three chemotherapy treatments but nothing helped. He died at the rehab center under hospice care. I was with him. We were and always will be a team. At the end of June he told me “I love you more than anything in the world. But I may only have a few days left. It’s going to be hard for you but you can’t give up! You have to keep fighting! You can’t let the dark ones get you down. We have to do all we can for the world. You have to keep fighting!”

I promised him I would. I wanted to ask him how I should do that, but he went to sleep and after that didn’t say much more. So now I’m fighting the best and only way I know how. I’m continuing to comment on current news articles the way he used to do in his daily emails in my blog here, The Spiritual Connection. Though I can’t seem to manage daily messages I can usually write one to post every other day. I send it by email to the media from lists Gerald compiled quite some time ago.

The world must continue. It is in grave danger now with Obama as president, the one who God the Father called the true Anti Christ. I don’t know what will happen with this but I must make as many as possible aware of what The Afterlife thinks of things going on. I rely on sometimes what I hear from There, and what Gerald and the Spirits who worked with him taught me over the years. Maybe someone will find enlightenment of some kind in my poor words.

I am doing as Gerald wanted also in keeping our web site running for as long as I can. I hope you will check out his hard work from our main page at …

and his campaign web site …

I’m still channeling songs, still will do interviews if anyone wants me, and still doing The Work. As the reincarnation of Sarah, The Mother Of Israel, and The East Indian Goddess Of War, Durga, I can do nothing else.

I hope you will follow me in my mysterious journey into the future with Gerald and The Angels to guide me. Do check back when you can. You never know what you’ll find.

Speaker Linda Polley

P.O. Box 392

Ellsworth, ME 04605

(207) 812-1621