My Promise

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

26-09-03 AJ

    Nothing much new on the home front so let’s get right at what’s in the news.   I hope one of God’s favorite sons, Arnold Schwarzenegger, has much success with his new autobiography.  However so sad reading the article about it which says in it Arnold describes how at her therapy session with him she asked him about his love child he had due to an affair with their housekeeper years ago.  He could only tell the truth which ended up in Maria getting a divorce, no matter how much he begged her not to.  According to his book he still believes they’ll get back together some day.  I hope his wishes come true.  That’s one of the things God wants most for the material world.
    How disgusting is it that a woman in Georgia who gets food stamps and is on dialysis twelve hours a day was insulted by a Kroger grocery store manager who at first told her none of the items in her shopping cart were covered by food stamps, then told her they were and said “Well, excuse me that I work for a living and don’t rely on food stamps like you!”  The poor lady’s been waiting for a kidney transplant for years and now she has to be insulted by some scum bag like this?  Her husband has only been able to get a part time job to support the family.  The article said the manager was transferred.  I hope later he or she was fired for this outrageous behavior.   Hmmm, I wonder if they’re a Romney supporter?
     Speaking of Romney he says it’s not his job to worry about the 47% of Americans that feel they should be able to get government benefits, don’t pay income tax, and consider themselves victims!  His running mate wants to cut food stamp spending.  No wonder God says he’s unelectable!  How does Romney even have the nerve to run for president if he doesn’t care about all of the people?  How can anyone in their right mind support him?  True, we want Obama out of there, but yuck!  Everything seems so hopeless as far as politics are concerned.  I’m trying to stay positive about the world as much as possible.
     Looks like the president of Guatemala is the latest government official to be on God’s list of undesirables.  He’s saying that drugs should be legalized even though fighting the drug cartels in his country with the largest military force ever right now.   He believes apparently that by legalizing them the government can control the selling of them better.  He says “We can’t take unilateral action, it will be gradual,” referring to the push toward legalization.   The plan seems like an epic fail to me.  He definitely won’t be getting into Heaven unless of course he repents this.
   An influential ultra orthodox Israeli rabbi is telling his followers they should burn their IPhones.  The rabbi, who is 84, is saying this is to stop influences from the outside world on his community.  He believes the internet is a bad thing, that the ultra orthodox neighborhoods should only use Kosher cell phones with the internet blocked on them.  They believe it is taking over their minds. I don’t know if I’d go quite that far concerning everyone, but with the problems going on about texting and driving and such,  now there the internet is a big danger.  I don’t believe banning it is the answer.  I wouldn’t waste the money spent on the phone by burning it.  I think if they don’t want them they should sell them.  I think they should give up on the banning and burning.   There’s always some way people can get to the internet when they want to use it.  However if that’s the way of the ultra orthodox beliefs, it’s up to them.  Blessings to them on the upcoming Yom Kippur.
    There are just a couple personal things I’d like to ad here.  I found out yesterday I am going to be getting cataract surgery.  I guess it’s some time next month.  I have one more meeting with the optometrist first next week.  I was surprised I’ll have to go to the Bar Harbor hospital for this not the Ellsworth one. I’ve never been there.  Ought to be interesting. At least I’m sure I’ll get a ride. 
    Also I’m shocked that someone who I thought was a friend of mine on Twitter has started saying that I should give up my blog and messages, that if I can’t channel them directly from God and others like Gerald did they’re useless.  They also ask what can I do as a psychic to help people besides sing?  What I have to say to them is I’ll never give up on the Work.  As I’ve mentioned before, Gerald told me to keep fighting. This is the only way I know how, besides getting our material out there on the internet.  If somebody doesn’t like my messages or my blog they just have to not read them, plain and simple like Gerald would say.  People seem to like them.  Our web site stats show some of them are read by over 300 people in a week.  Also more people from China are visiting my site than ones from the US.  I have no clue on why, but keep coming back!  Just because one person sends me a negative opinion I’m not going to fold up and quit!  That’s just not how I roll.  I’ve got to be strong and keep fighting, and I will for as long as it takes.  Thank you lady, for reminding me of my promise to Gerald and everyone in The Afterlife. 
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and, the world!
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A Servant Of Him
That Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
That Is Now Resting In Los Angeles

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