No Butts About It

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice of God On Earth
To The World

30-09-03 AJ

     There’s almost always something in the news to comment on so I’m back with the latest updates.  First of all something personal to report.  When I write my messages I now am hearing suggestions on what to feature from the Afterlife, and sometimes suggestions on what titles to use, thus the title of today’s message, though I do have the small paragraph below on that subject.  I just thought it was perfect and decided to go with it!   Now, off to the news of the world. 
    Margaret Dunning of Ann Arbor, Michigan is 102 years old.  She owns an antique car, a cream colored 1930 Packard 740 Roadster that is in excellent condition which she takes to antique auto shows. She’s well known in that circuit.  She recently learned she’s been given a scholarship to return to school after eighty years to earn her business degree!  She recently had an interview about this on  Car products manufacturers The FRAM Group saw her story and have decided to help her go back to school by giving her free car parts for life.  They were amazed to learn she changes her own spark plugs and oil on her cars!  She is planning well for her commute to Plymouth!  When she’s not going to car shows, she helps out at the local museum, where she is a patron, and there’s a scholarship fund in her name at the credit union.  What a beautiful lady, both outside and, inside, and probably one of God’s favorite daughters.  I hope she does well in school.  I also hope I live to be this age or older. 
    It’s been announced that J.K. Rowling, creator of Harry Potter, is selling her farmhouse in Edinburgh, Scotland where she got the ideas for several of her books.  She has a house in the city and several other properties in Scotland. The house for sale has eight bedrooms, a large private walled garden, a summer house, and I had a chuckle at this, several outhouses.  The real estate company says unfortunately there are no hidden passageways and secret rooms.  Like the author of the article states, maybe they just haven’t found them yet.  Sounds like an awesome place, but way too rich for my blood at $3.7 million!  Perhaps someone could buy it and turn it into a Harry Potter museum. 
   Argh!  The supreme creature of Darkness, Obama has instructed immigration officials to recognize same sex partners as family members.  Customs officials have been told that ‘family relationships include long term same sex partners.’  This shows where Obama’s interests lie!  He’s more interested in the gays than the rest of America who will be voting in November.  Need I say more?
    Mitt Romney’s wife Ann says she’s concerned about her husband’s “mental well-being.”  Considering the things that have happened recently with him, she has good reason to be, not to mention the American voters.
    Well, the trial of The Pope’s butler has begun. He’s been accused of stealing documents in the hopes of which would prove corruption in The Vatican which he didn’t think The Pope was sufficiently informed about.   Judges refused to admit evidence from The Church’s own investigation.   Looks like Pope John Paul II is still on the job with his mission from God to bring down The Catholic Church.  Keep up the good work!
     Our friends at God’s favorite News Network, Fox News, are in trouble again, this time for covering a car chase live near Phoenix, Arizona during their 3 p.m. show in which at the end the driver got out of his car, ran off, then shot himself, committing suicide.  They had tried very hard to edit that out but nothing worked.  The host of the show gave a sincere apology.  I hope others will understand and not give up on the station.
     I have only one comment on the new thing popular among some college students called “butt-chugging” which is getting drunk by alcohol enemas.  Please, don’t even think about it! It can be deadly.
     There’s talk of social security funds running out by 2033 or before!  I hope someone can fix this somehow for everybody including me, as I’m now on widow’s benefits.
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and the world!
    Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

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