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01-09-03 AJ

    Back at last with another news update.  Things are still about the same here.  Things are going surprisingly well for me.  Hope this keeps up.  I’ve been going through my late husband Gerald’s belongings, of which there are not many, and judging what I should keep.  I wish there was something I could do with all his art work!  It’s fantastic!  Yesterday I asked at the library how you would get art shown there, as they always have a mini show downstairs.  I learned you have to wait a year to get your turn! I’ll investigate some other possibilities.  If you’re not familiar with this material here’s the link to our online art gallery. Feel free to check it out when you can.  Any suggestions are welcome.


    I’ve been so busy I haven’t had a chance to get back to the next Book of The History.  I need to check it over again briefly, as when I transferred it from the old computer to the new one from the flash drive, apparently several of the corrections I had made didn’t stay.  Not exactly sure what happened, however I have to be sure everything’s right before copyrighting it.  It’s odd because the copy of the internet has the correct dates it was last edited but the word pad version doesn’t.  Darned dark ones at work again!  Don’t worry I’ll get it. I plan to have it on line this month.
    Now, just what is going on out there?  So sad to read Robin Roberts of Good Morning America’s mother has died at 88.  Robin was scheduled to begin medical treatments for a bone marrow disease yesterday.  I haven’t seen an update on this information.  At least she got there in time to see her before she passed away, despite the Mississippi flooding. Prayers and condolences to her and her family.  Her mother was quite a lady!  She was the first African American to head the state’s Board Of Education. She also served on the Mississippi Coast Coliseum Commission.  I hope she made it to The Afterlife ok and is doing well There.
    Of course one of the most popular news stories out there concerns 82 year old actor Clint Eastwood’s speech at the Republican National Convention.  He was a surprise guest on the final night.  I completely missed this and wish I hadn’t!  He put a chair on the stage and pretended Obama was sitting in it, and talked to him.  This lasted for about twelve minutes, our friends Kevin & Bean at KROQ in Los Angeles reported.  It’s said the teleprompter was broken and there was no script for him to go by.  Some are saying his appearance ruined the last night of Romney’s campaign.  People are still trying to figure out why this happened, as they say Mr. Eastwood is usually a man of few words.  Well, when it comes to Obama, no one can have few words to talk about him, especially complain!  Way to go Clint!  Tell it like it is, no matter what others think, within reason of course.  He’s still a hero, this time in real life, and a very creative man! Here’s a link to his speech on You Tube posted by PBS. I finally got to see it.   I loved it!  I know many in The Afterlife did too. 


    Here’s a name from the past, Al Gore!  He’s saying the Electoral College should be abandoned and the presidential election system should go by the popular vote instead.  He says that many states are trying to get the Constitution amended to make this happen.  Fantastic!  My husband Gerald wanted to get rid of this also.  The president is supposed to be elected by the people, not whatever it is they do.  Let’s make it that way.  Next step get rid of The UN!
   Someone sent me an email requesting a link exchange, and wanted a link to their site put on the last issue of Voices From Spirit Magazine we put up. Unfortunately that is copyrighted and I couldn’t change it. However I told them I’d put a link to their site here.  It’s a fascinating guide to America.  Check it out when you can.  I’m sure you’ll like it. 


   Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and the world!
    Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.


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