Hillary Is Wrong

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

28-03-07 AJ


    Wow, it’s the end of March already!  Time is flying by.  I wanted to make sure I got at least one blog post out for this month even though news has been slow lately.  So here goes!   I was so mad Tuesday night when I saw Hillary Clinton on CNN saying that “There’s a whole religion we’re fighting here” concerning  the recent terrorist activities in Belgium and elsewhere in the world.  She is so mistaken!  If I could talk to her, which I would never do, I would say you are very wrong.  We are not fighting Islam,  there are good Muslims.  We are fighting Islamic Terrorists.  There’s a huge difference.  I wish people would stop blaming innocent people for these horrific crimes!  It’s the TERRORISTS not the whole of Islam.  Hillary needs to get with the program, wake up and smell the coffee.  What else is  new?
    Prayers to the victims of the terrorist attacks and their families and friends.  I pray justice is done for them soon.  It appears one of the  suicide bombers there escapes, a man wearing white, as his device didn’t explode.  Of course the authorities are working 24/7 to find him. They think they know who he is which is a good start with the search.
   I am surprised and very pleased that Donald Trump is still in the presidential campaign and going strong!  He’s still the frontrunner!  I hope that at the end the electoral college or whoever doesn’t disqualify him however they do things.  You know, everybody votes then no matter who we get in someone says they’re not the President.  We need to give him a try, have something completely different for a change than the same old same old Democrats and Republicans.  It just might do the country some good.
    Along these same lines I have to laugh, John Kerry says the way the candidates are talking during the presidential campaigns is an embarrassment to the country, especially what Donald Trump is saying.  He says other countries are wondering what is happening to America with things like this going on.  I say he is an embarrassment.  All he did was kiss up to the Clintons until he got to be Secretary Of State after Hillary. She may not have had the final say in this choice however.   I may be wrong but that’s what I feel anyway.  As one of my songs from The Afterlife was called “Kerry Is A Loser”.  I read now that Donald Trump has said this himself!  
    In health related news so scary that a rare bacterial infection has caused 17 deaths in Wisconsin and one in Michigan.  It is contracted from water.  This thing usually doesn’t make people sick. One of the key ways to come down with it is the patients have to have an existing serious condition before getting it, and a weakened immune system.  I hope doctors will find a way to stop this soon.
    Lastly in entertainment news, the founder of Alabama based Eternal World Television Network, Mother Angelica, the beloved nun who founded the world’s largest religious media network died on Easter Sunday at age 92 from after effects of a stroke she had last November.  Though God is not pleased with The Catholic Church, I pray He has welcomed this delightful lady and teacher of His Word to The Kingdom Of God and that she will rest in peace, as she tried her best to bring His teachings to the world the way He asked her to.  I have seen clips of her television show.  Excellent!  There are some joys among the sorrow and Mother Angelica appears to have been one of them.  Thank you for trying, kind lady!  Bless you!
    On the home front I’m still editing The Book of course.  Had a wonderful Easter.  As with everywhere else the weather here in Maine is crazy!  Blame El Nino!  Blessings to all the Storm Trackers who go out when there’s tornadoes and help keep people safe with their detailed information and videos.  See you back here next month!
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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