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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
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To The World

22-04-07 AJ


    Well here we are again, another month racing by without much different in the news to write about.  I guess I don’t need to say I’m very pleased that God’s candidate Donald Trump is still going strong!  So far apparently he has the most delegates for the Republican party. Everyone in The Afterlife is hoping it ends up being Trump vs Clinton and that he will win.  That would be the ultimate victory over that creature of Darkness!  People have been saying after the election and Hillary’s defeat they hope it’ll be the last we’ll hear from The Clintons in the news.  Somehow I don’t think that will ever happen.  They manage to slither their way into things one way or another to get at least talked about which brings them more spiritual energy to keep going.  I think we’re stuck with them folks! You know what they say about bad pennies….  Now we read that Hillary is planning to include women in her search for a vice president.  I guess that’s a no brainer as they say, that she would.
    God blesses the little 9 year old girl who wrote a snail mail letter to Obama and asked him why there weren’t any women on our currency!   Obama listened to The Afterlife in a very rare occurrence and announced he liked the girl’s idea in it. In her letter is a list of women to pick from to be on the money and the great Harriet Tubman was chosen to shortly be the first woman pictured on our twenty dollar bills!  I believe they said that Eleanor Roosevelt would be on the fifty! God and Gerald were trying to promote this idea also as part of his presidential campaign to honor women.  At one point there was even a suggestion to put the presidents who were on the bills wives on the opposite sides.  This is close….very close!  It’s scary when the ultimate creature of Darkness listens to the Angels! But we’re all glad this time he did.  I have a feeling there’s a big celebration going on in The Afterlife tonight for this!
    While I was listening to our old friends Kevin & Bean today I learned legendary singer Prince has died at 57 at his Paisley Park studio compound in Minnesota.  No one is sure why, just that he’s been sick with a bad case of the flu recently. Another article was saying he had recently had a shot to counter the effects of opiates. I know he had a very strange lifestyle in many ways, but I hope he made it to The Afterlife.   I was surprised to read Prince was his real name.  Too many famous people gone of late, including one of the first famous lady wrestlers. 
    Surprised to read Norway’s deadliest terrorist who killed 77 people has sued the state concerning his treatment in prison.  He got the maximum sentence for this which is 21 years.  He says the time of his solitary confinement is detrimental to his  mental health.  The news report says that the prison is much better than any in The US.  Even though he’s alone he has three rooms, access to fresh air and can also watch TV and play video games.  He also has good health care.  It was decided the solitary confinement is “inhumane or degrading treatment or punishment,” which is banned in Article 3 of The European Convention on Human Rights!  The government doesn’t know yet if it’ll appeal and it has four weeks to decide before the court order goes into effect.  The things these criminals will do to practically get away with murder!   I’m beginning to wonder if it already did effect his mental health.  Sounds like he had it pretty good considering. Oh well.  Somehow I have a feeling he’ll regret it. 
    On a personal note God praises The Seoul Times for publishing my last blog post “Hillary Is Wrong” in their online newspaper!  I was thrilled!  They published one of Gerald’s emails once also.  It sounds like they’re interested in more as time goes on!  I hope so and that I will have something of interest to their readers. 


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