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09-02-06 AJ


    Back with some good news for a change but a small bit of bad news first on the personal level.  As many of you know for years our “Here’s Jesus!” videos from the years 2,005 and ’06 are on the My Space page

   This web site is doing upgrades.  Whenever they do this my videos disappear.  Now they’re back but at last check there was no sound on my videos. SO I will be moving the videos from these years to my web site,

to keep them safe and ad free.   I will also continue moving the material on our original Tripod web site which is basically Gerald’s fan fiction stories and the pages praising the spirit of John Lennon, letting the material world know what he’s done to save it over the years.  All this will happen besides my scanning of The History Of Spiritism, art work for it, and these blog posts.  I hope you will bear with me and hopefully check out my Work as time goes on.  Of course the best day ever will be when I put the last Book of The History Of Spiritism on my web site!  Both mine and Gerald’s life’s’ work will be accomplished at last!  May God and The Lords Of Spirit be with me so I can complete this all important goal!

   Anyway, with that said, now for the national news.  Speaking of God The Father, He blesses Alabama’s Chief Justice Ray Moore for defending the Truth, fighting against legalizing gay marriage in his state.  A federal judge struck down the state’s ban against gay marriage, and Chief Justice Moore still stood his ground and told probate judges late Sunday to follow state law and not the ruling of the federal judge that got rid of the ban on same sex marriage! He wrote a letter to the state’s probate judges saying this and that same sex marriage licenses would be inconsistent with a state constitutional amendment and a state law which banned same sex marriage! As he stated  “This case is about the federal court’s violation of their own rules.”

    The Supreme Court said it won’t step in with Alabama’s case.  Though gay marriages are taking place in parts of the state, it’s not in all.  Keep up the good work Chief Justice Moore!  As he says, He was removed from office in 2003 for refusing to remove a monument of The Ten Commandments from the building of The State Supreme Court but was reelected 3 years ago.  There’s still hope!  It’s good to know there’s still smart, decent people in the world who stand for what The Bible teaches, and have just plain common sense!   Unfortunately later this year The Supreme Court will decide if same sex marriage bans are violations of The U.S. Constitution.  For the sake of future of the country, the world and the children, let us pray that they will not say yes. 

    Here’s a link to a song I channeled years ago when my late husband Gerald was running for President, that was chosen for the state of Alabama.  The lyrics are self explanatory!   I’m almost certain the Mr. King is standing by Chief Justice Moore, and several other followers of The Light and Truth helping him to be strong and keeping him on the right Path.

    Lastly, in entertainment news I watch The Grammys Sunday night and was very disappointed with Sir Paul McCartney’s latest decision to work with Kanye West, and his song “FourFiveSeconds” sung with Kanye and Rihanna.  It just doesn’t seem right to me, though I can understand him wanting to do something different and work with a friend.  Hope you’ll check it out on You Tube.  Also,  congrats to my dear friend George Harrison for his Lifetime Achievement Award at The Grammys!

   That’s about it for this time.  I was inspired and I just knew I should write about this today. 

   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!

   Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.

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