God Says NO!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

26-06-04 AJ

    Back with my usual updates on the national news.  First of all on the home front I’ve recorded yet another music video of one of my first 16 channeled songs from the Afterlife.  It’s up on You Tube.  It’s called   “If There Could Only Be Sunshine In Heaven.”  Here’s the link. 


    I’m just speechless because of this first story I read.  I am shocked that anything like this could even happen!  But hey, it’s in Colorado.  I guess in that state I couldn’t expect anything else.  Anyway, a six year old boy there who “was born a triplet” with two sisters has been thinking he’s a girl since he was 5 months old.  Apparently no one cared enough about him to tell him he wasn’t a girl.  He has been diagnosed with “gender identity disorder.”  This mental illness has since been removed from any lists by psychiatrists.  They’re saying it’s ‘normal.’   To make a long story short, this little boy has been given the right to use the girls’ bathroom at school.  This story also informed me that this may happen here in Maine with a 15 year old boy with the same mental illness. When will it end?  What has happened to common sense?  I pity these children whose parents think they’re being kind to them but it’s one of the worse things they could ever do to allow it.  How is this right?  Anyway to make my point simple, GOD SAYS NO!
    It’s now official. The Disney Channel is trash!  Miley Cyrus is praising their first lesbian couple.   I’m sure Walt Disney is very, very upset they’re praising this mental illness.  I doubt if he’ll support them fromThe Afterlife ever again. 
    Obama is upset with The Supreme Court because they struck down section 4 of The Voting Rights Act, a key provision of it, saying it was outdated and needed to be updated before they’d pass it.  This is the section that says, according to The Huffington Post, ” “designates which parts of the country must have changes to their voting laws cleared by the federal government or in federal court.” Obama says they’d better make sure voting is fair, that every American has equal access to the polls.  I hate to say it but this time I agree with him.  Next up is the Defense Of Marriage Act issue.  I cringe to think of what they’re going to rule on this.  Still praying it holds up.
    Hillary Clinton says China damaged its relationship with The US by allowing the NSA leaker who used to work for The CIA to flee their country.  The US had requested his arrest there for extradition.  I don’t really understand it all.    I might tend to have to agree with her once again. Scary!
    Congratulations to Nik Wallenda for crossing The Grand Canyon on a tightrope on live tv Sunday night!  It was his life long dream come true.  I’ve always been interested in the Wallenda family while growing up and wish them all well.  Nik seems to be one of God’s true sons.  I personally asked the help of God and His Forces so he’d make it to the other side safely.  Glad I helped.  I had to chuckle because for their celebratory dinner Nik said at the end of his walk he wanted prime rib!  I’m glad he shares a family tradition.  That was also one of mine and Gerald’s favorite meals. I still love it!
    Glad to see Michael Jackson’s oldest son Prince has been photographed out on the town with his gorgeous girlfriend.  I must say he is very handsome!
    I just saw this amazing clip where a man impersonating John Lennon auditioned on the TV series “The Voice”.   The video is called “What If John Lennon Auditioned For The Voice?”  It was during a ‘blind’ judging where the judges had their chairs turned back to the singers until they finished singing.  I’ve never watched the show.  I personally give the guy two thumbs up and so does John!  Like he says he was a bit off but not by much.  Now I’ve been informed that was an old clip of John Lennon singing “Imagine,” not an impersonator.  The video was put together by a “clever You Tuber.”   It appears the real John Lennon in The Afterlife has played a good joke on me with his opinion, which he loves to do sometimes!  Here’s the link to the You Tube clip.  The joke’s on us!


    Amazing the things doctors can do nowadays, it’s almost like on The Old Worlds!   A 21 month old little girl from Haiti was found in a remote village suffering from an infection. She was cured of that however it was discovered that her rectum had not fully developed in the womb.  So now doctors in Florida have volunteered to help and will be giving her five hour surgery to fix the problem.  God bless you all for helping this adorable little girl have a second chance at a normal life.  I pray she does well.  I hope there’s a follow up story.

FOOTNOTE:  I guess it’s no surprise.  The Supreme Court has once again betrayed God.  They have ruled that the federal same sex marriage ban is unconstitutional.  Insanity rules.  I just don’t understand.  People claim to be Christians then this happens.  Who knows what will happen now to the world?  God is mad, he is VERY mad about this.  From past experience I know that those who voted for this will not be allowed into The Kingdom Of God when they die.

   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!

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    If you have a Kindle or the free Kindle app be sure to check out “Whacko The Clown,” a science fiction novel by the late Speaker Gerald Polley. Contains the song with the same name.


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