Light Wins

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

17-06-07 AJ


I’m sorry but this posting is more of news from the home front than the national news.  However I had to tell you of what happened this week that’s still almost hard for me to believe. 
    Well might as well begin at the beginning.  Thursday, June 2nd was my 44th wedding anniversary.  Even though my husband Gerald is now in The Afterlife I still celebrate.  Here’s the link to pictures of a Tribute shirt I got for it. It was a gift from a friend.

    Anyway I hadn’t been feeling very well.  My throat felt swollen and it was hard to breathe while sleeping.  So I just felt so strange that afternoon I asked a neighbor to take me to the ER.  No celebrating for me!  After two hours or so lying in the ER sleeping and an MRI and cat scan of my throat two doctors came in.  The first one, a middle aged guy with short curly brown hair immediately told me “Your tonsils are HUGE! You need to have them out!”  I was shocked.  After all I’m 64 years old, turning 65 July 14th, and never expected something  like that to be the problem! The second doctor, a middle aged guy with not as much hair as the other one, just gave me a prescription for antibiotics and said take these and we’ll see what happens.  I was confused but begrudgingly went home with my neighbor around 11 pm. 
   I had a hard time with this but managed to follow doctors orders and got plenty of rest.  The next week I had a follow up appointment with my regular eye, ear, nose and throat doctor and was very surprised to learn my tonsils had gone back to normal and no surgery is needed! WOO HOO!  The Lords Of Light win and defeat the Darkness once again!  Hey that sounds like good song lyrics. 
    Anyway I just had to finish taking the pills and that’s it.  Thanks to all for thoughts and prayers.  I’m just glad I’ll be around for my 65th birthday!  Now a few comments on what’s going on in elsewhere in the world.
     Everyone in The Afterlife is very pleased that Donald Trump is still going strong with his presidential campaign!  I was terrified, however with the latest poll results which show Hillary is six points ahead!  My late husband Gerald used to say the polls don’t mean anything.   You can’t really go by their results.  I know he was right so I”m trying not to worry. 
    Also on the same matter, someone stated on social media that because Trump and The Clintons have been friends for years Trump running because he knows he’ll lose and Hillary will be president.  I say no way in hell! If that was true God The Father wouldn’t be supporting him. Case closed.
    So horrible all the terrorist activity lately! Prayers to all the victims and their families.  And concerning the Orlando incident, I will repeat, God, or Allah whatever you choose to call Him, does NOT want anyone to kill gays!  Like Gerald used to say God hates the sin not the sinner!  Violence is not the answer.  You only use violence to protect yourself or someone close to you if violence is directed at you or them.  Anyone who says God wants homosexuals killed is a liar!
    Glad to see the recently missing plane has been found at last. Now loved ones can have closure. However it’s scary that one of the black boxes has been damaged! Those things are pretty tough!   It’s also scary to me that it’s in The Bermuda Triangle.  I hate to even try to imagine what happened to this aircraft!  I have a feeling, however, they’re going to determine that there was a terrorist in the bathroom with a bomb.  That’s just what it sounds like to me from all the information the news has given so far.
   Wish I had more to write.  Just wanted to make sure I got something in for June.  I will be back hopefully more times, next month!
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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