Of Hillary And Hostess

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

24-11-03 AJ

    Back after a great Thanksgiving with my upstairs neighbors despite the usual yearly allergy problems, for more on the latest news.  First of all I can’t let this message go by without the link below concerning our old friend Bean Baxter’s recent kidney transplant.  Be sure to watch the video interview with CBS news.  Bean is my hero!  I’m sure many in The Afterlife feel the same way.  I hope he had a great Thanksgiving too.


    Sorry this is kind of late.  I’ve come down with a bad cold.  Had my neighbor take me to the emergency room just to be sure it wasn’t something worse. 
      Now, what’s going on out there?  First of all I read that in her lawyer’s book “Presumed Guilty,” there’s evidence that Casey Anthony Googled “fool proof suffocation” misspelling the last word, the day Caylee died after logging onto the family’s desktop computer using the password she used.  Prosecutors didn’t use the search because the Orange County Sheriff’s Office didn’t know it existed.  A prosecutor told the local media that she’s certain they would’ve used it as evidence if they’d known about it.  Damn!  How the dark ones weave their webs to stay free!
    So sad that the man who makes the Sesame Street puppet Elmo come to life, Kevin Clash, has decided to resign from the show.  Two young men have accused him of having a sexual relationship with them when they were underage.  The first has since changed his story saying he was 16 and it was an adult consensual relationship.  The second man is 24 and has filed a suit against him which caused him to resign. I hope they prove this isn’t true.  He said it wasn’t.  But he prefers to settle the matter in private.  The world without Elmo is even worse than the world without Twinkies!  I guess they’ll have to tell kids that Elmo moved away.
    Speaking of Twinkies, the talks to save them didn’t work out.  I agree with a friend on Twitter.  I liked the Hostess Cupcakes better anyway.  Now I guess they’re all gone. Sigh.
    I see Hillary is in Cairo, and will be meeting with Egypt’s president concerning a truce with Israel, and she condemns the bus bombing which wounded ten people.  I’ll be very surprised if anything works.
    What a jerk! A guy in Boise, Idaho broke into a cage at the zoo wanting to steal the monkey that lived there.  He wrapped the monkey in his coat, the monkey then bit him, and he proceeded too beat the monkey over the head with a club.  The man escaped but the monkey died shortly after.  Now fortunately the man is in jail.  Some sick people out there! 
    Exciting news out there too!  50 years ago The Beatles, when they were known as The Sliver Beatles, recorded an audition tape of American songs for an audition that was turned down by an exec who said guitar groups were “on their way out.”   Now this tape or whatever will soon be up for sale at auction for $48,000 including a photo negative of the band and a handwritten track list.  The tape is in pristine condition.  Now there’s a real treasure!  Good luck to whoever gets it!
     Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America and, the world!
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