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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
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27-11-03 AJ

     Here again after a day off due to slow headlines to report more in the national news.  I was surprised to see that one of the stories I reported on in my last message, concerning Casey Anthony went kind of viral soon after.  I’m not taking credit for this I’m just glad people are reading my stuff.  Hope they’ll keep doing so.
    Now, I’m surprised to see The Supreme Court may be a little smarter than I thought they were!  They’re reviving a Christian College’s challenge to Obama’s healthcare overhaul without objection of the Obama administration.  They ordered the Federal Appeals Court in Lynchburg, VA to consider Liberty University’s claim that Obamacare violates their religious freedoms.  Good!  I hope they win!  Maybe there’ll be a lot more challenges as time goes on.
    Condolences to the loved ones and friends of Lawrence Guyot, well known for being a leader for actual civil rights rights especially during the 60s has died at age 73. He had heart problems and died at home last Thursday night.  As they say he followed justice. He was a real hero, fighting for the real civil rights.  I’m sure he’s being highly welcomed in The Afterlife.
    I’m not one to jump into entertainment news early in my messages, but this story I think is very important.  Angus T. Jones who plays Jake on CBS’s “Two And A Half Men” is putting his religion before his financial prosperity and encouraging people not to watch the show.  He says with its mature content it’s “filth”  He encourages people to do research on what television can do to your brain, and says that after you do he promises “you’ll have a decision to make when it comes to what you watch on television.”  Amen, brother!  I’m with him on this.  I used to love this show when Charlie Sheen was on it, it was just something to relax with and usually very funny.  However now that Charlie is gone forever I think it’s really gone down hill.  The new episodes are not for me.  I have even forgotten to turn it on for months, especially since they’ve changed the day and time its on.  Though I really enjoy Jon Cryer, I highly doubt if I’ll ever watch the new episodes again.  God’s praises this young man for standing with Him.  I was also shocked when I read they had Miley Cyrus on a couple of times.  I’m surprised there hasn’t been some type of consequences from that sooner.  That producer’s got bad times coming.
    Like we say on Twitter, WTH? Now there’s videos going viral some young guys in The U.K. got started, doing what’s called milking.  You just take a gallon of milk and pour it over your head!  You don’t even take off your clothes.   I wonder what got this started?  Now it’s the next best thing since Tebowing and planking! Hmmm…. Wonder what people would think if I made a video doing this?   I guess I’m too conservative.  I don’t think I’d want to waste the money or, the milk.  Anyway, at least it’s harmless and gives people something to laugh at with so much bad stuff going on out there.  Yes, milk does do a body good in more ways than one.  LOL!
    Support The Christmas Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and the world!
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