Did The Pope Ban Christmas?

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

30-11-03 AJ

    Well here we go again with more of what’s going on out there.  Nothing good’s sure to come out of Obama having lunch with his former rival Romney at The White house Thursday.  Watch out world!
    Looks like Speaker John Boehner has his work more than cut out for him as the Democrats refuse to give up on their plan to raise taxes for the rich. 
    The Pope’s not only in trouble with God The Father but with many people since the publication of his book called “The Infancy Narratives – Jesus Of Nazareth,” was published on November 20th.  He states in it that there’s  no evidence of animals being present in the stable at Jesus’ birth, he also comments that the  Angels “said” “Glory to God in the highest,” etc., and did not sing it.  He also claims Jesus was born a few years earlier than what the monk Dionysius Exiguous claimed.  The Pope is trying to depict a more accurate historical interpretation of Jesus’ birth, debunking myths.    However he of course doesn’t know what he’s talking about.  Looks like he’s just trying to raise more money for The Church any way he can.  Several people on the social media read it and got the wrong idea that he banned Christmas and wanted to stop Christmas carols!  The Vatican says The Pope has not banned Christmas.  Looks like more of Pope Paul II’s handwork in fulfilling the mission given him by God, to bring down the Church.  Good job!
    Former president George W. Bush has been hospitalized with bronchitis. The doctors say he just has a cough that won’t go away. There’s no life threatening illness here.  I hope he’s right, though God’s not too happy with him for supporting Romney.
   I hope there’ll be more people like the New York policeman who last month bought a barefoot homeless man in Manhattan a pair of heavy socks and insulated boots that cost $75.  The man told him he’d never had any shoes.  He was asked if he wanted a cup of coffee and he turned it down and left.  Someone took a picture of this and it’s gone viral.  I hope it’ll inspire many to do random acts of kindness like this all over the world.  God will bless you if you can help.
    Russia has banned the video of the punk band Pussy Riot’s performance in Russia’s main cathedral from the internet, and, three of their other videos saying they’re insulting believers.  They were banned under what’s known as “extremism” law that’s supposed to restrict Neo Nazi and terrorist groups.  They should let the people decide if the videos are banned, which I’m sure they’d never do.  Russia also has banned the “Innocence Of Muslims” film.  At least that makes some sense. 
    I see the actor from “Two And A Half Men” has kind of apologized to his boss and the crew of the show for his statements, saying he has nothing but praise for them and such.  Well that’s o.k. but it doesn’t mean I’ll be watching.  I’ve been very disappointed in the show since Charlie Sheen got fired.  Sorry guys, but you’re trying too hard to make it work when I, for one, feel it’s a lost cause.
    I heard this morning on MPBN radio that the Popeye’s restaurant chain is dumping the Popeye cartoon character from it’s advertising.  This is because he doesn’t really fit in, as the place was named after the Popeye character on The French Connection.  Also they don’t sell spinach.  Kind of makes sense.   Seems like there’s some other comment I should make here but I can’t think of it right now.
    In a Serbian village people are afraid that a legendary vampire may be on the loose after a former water mill by a small nearby river recently collapsed that was supposed to have been his home.  Residents think he may be roaming the hills looking for another home and scaring people while doing so, looking for victims. Seriously there’s been an increase in garlic sales!   I hope they’re wrong and it’s just part of legend.
    Support The Christmas Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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