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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
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To The World

29-08-03 AJ

    I’ve been busy.  Had my big meeting with The Polley Power Team, my counselor and caseworkers, and it turned out very well!  They’re impressed with how I’ve grown since 2,010 when Gerald & I first separated.  They’re also pleased I figured out my own budget.  I hope I can continue doing so well.  Now, though I feel like taking a nap on to what’s in the news!
    Looks like God has achieved one of His major goals in disrupting the Republican National Convention with Hurricane Isaac.  Also one of his secondary plans has been to send another hurricane to New Orleans, I guess because of all the bad things that go on there.  We’ll have to see how all this works out.  I’m sorry to say I don’t think they’ll ever get the message.   Once again I post my link to the song from The Afterlife I channeled a few years back concerning these things.

    Scary stuff! A Philadelphia blogger who supports accused cop killers has posted a Facebook page encouraging people to kill Mitt Romney!  Fortunately after getting 27 likes and being up for seventeen days it has been taken down and police are investigating.  Another page which targeted Romney’s running mate Paul Ryan got the attention of The Secret Service.  They are taking “appropriate investigative steps.”   The guy who got the attention of The Secret Service has also in the past put up a Facebook page saying he supported the alleged killers of the police officer on August 18th, in Philadelphia.  The local police put up a Facebook page asking for people to like it who wanted the man’s page taken down.  It got over 10,000 followers and the offensive page was removed the Sunday before the before mentioned malicious anti Romney page was taken down.  Some people think they can get away with anything!  No matter how much anyone dislikes Romney he shouldn’t be killed, not only because it would be against the law, he would become a martyr for The Republican Party.  He is definitely anything but a good example for anyone to follow.  Speaking of Facebook, the address of my page is

    and there’s nothing on it the authorities would need to investigate, unless of course they just found an interest in my material!
    It’s horrible!  Two teenage boys in Niagara Falls, New York are charged with the death of a five year old girl.  She was staying at her great grandmother’s home while her mother worked at a neighborhood bar.  One of the boys killed the little girl, supposedly with his bare hands, while the other helped him dispose of her body which was in a trash bag.  They put her in an alley dumpster.  Police have reported there was no sexual abuse involved.  Their next court date is September 7th.  Probably they think where they’re 16 and 18 they won’t receive a severe sentence.  I pray they’re wrong!  Something has to be done about kids thinking they can get away with anything just because they’re a young age.  Somehow they have to be punished for things like this.  We need justice for the children!  They are God’s treasures and the key to the future, not trash!
    A man in New Mexico is fighting the Motor Vehicle Division to keep his vanity plate as they have deemed it is obscene.  The man got it as an inside joke with his friends. It reads IB6UB9, The MVD believes this is referring to a sexual position.  The law says in order for something to be deemed obscene it must be found “intolerable.” You’d think this plate had the F word on it!  The plate’s owner feels he’s being bullied by the MVD.  He’s using a generic license, and has appealed the decision to revoke the license plate.  He’s waiting for a hearing.  Looks like some people have too much free time, and need to get a life.  With all the horrible things going on out there they’re wasting tax payers’ money on this?  Give me a break!  Someone there stated that no plates should be issued with the numbers 6 and 9 on them if this plate is revoked.  Good thought.
    Congratulations to Snooki of the MTV reality show “Jersey Shore” who has given birth to her first child, a son. May God be with him!
    Lastly glad to see the American Marines who made a video of themselves urinating on dead Taliban soldiers in Afghanistan are going to be punished.  They will have a public trial.  Also the four American officers who burned The Koran have received administrative punishment.  Good.  As the old saying goes it just ain’t right. 
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and, the world!
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