Pizza Hugs

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

13-09-03 AJ

   Don’t you love the way the news goes sometimes?  For several days there won’t be anything that new to write about then suddenly there’s tons of stuff, or at least enough interesting to fill a page with.  As long as it’s not all bad it’s ok with me.  The last two days have been very very slow.  That’s why I haven’t written until now.  So here goes!
    So sorry I didn’t have a message for 9/11!  To kind of make up for that here’s the link to to the video I made on October 16, 2,001 featuring one of the most popular songs I’ve channeled from the spirit of John Lennon.

   Here’s the link to the lyrics. They’re on the bottom of a message my husband Gerald channeled for that date in one of our back issues of Voices From Spirit Magazine.

    Now, on to other things.  I see the owner of a pizza restaurant in Florida is in trouble for giving Obama a bear hug during one of his campaign stops there.  The article I read about it reported that the pizza guy is actually a Republican who likes Obama.  I saw the video.  He actually grabs Obama and lifts him off his feet a couple of times! I think this was for the benefit of the lady nearby filming the occasion.  Anyway I’m thinking where’s security at a time like this?  Also the same day in Florida the vice president was hugged and kissed by a 74 year old woman.  I hate to think of what will go on at their next stops!  I’m told to ad at least he wasn’t kissed by a man!      
    Kind of scary when murderers are making sense!  A 34 year old convicted rapist in Florida is saying he should get the death penalty for his crimes of the rape and murder of a 19 year old woman, that giving him life in prison would be wrong!  Wow!  Maybe there is hope for the world.
    Hopefully a sad incident that has happened in Benghazi, where an American ambassador to Libya and three of his staff members were killed while trying to help evacuate the consulate that was under attack, will teach people to think twice when considering making movies about The Prophet Muhammed.  The United States is producing a film which people there say insults him.  Many Muslims consider any depiction of him offensive. The U.S. Embassy in Cairo was under attack Tuesday for the same reason.  I hope things get straightened out soon.  It’s scary when one breech of protocol can cause so many disasters so quickly. 
   So glad to see McDonald’s will be adding calorie counts to it’s food.  Like an employee said, it doesn’t change anything to their menu however many people will feel better just knowing it’s there.  Though I don’t go there much with my new diet, I know I will!
   I see that U.S. embassies in Algeria and Tunisia are warned of more protests and advise Americans to  stay away.  Yes, that California filmmaker is in big trouble!
   One final note, I have successfully managed to have my late husband Gerald’s ashes put in the companion urn I bought for us and the plaque is attached.  The funeral director was very impressed with it and asked where I had it made so I told him.  Apparently he plans to give them more business in the future.  It was a beautiful day for a trip and I had a wonderful ride to Belfast, Maine and back.   I have canceled my life insurance and gone with their Mortuary Trust plan.  It makes more sense and I’m very pleased with this decision.
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
    Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent message

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