Happy Holidays!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

23-12-09 AJ


      Well it’s that time of the year again!  As I have every year I have created  a special Holiday Card for everyone.  However before you view t I have some sad news  My hamster, who is on the card died last Thursday night.  It appeared that from the way he acted the day before, old age crept up on him, literally all at once. He was three years old.  Anyway despite that fact, I hope everyone enjoys the card.


     I plan to be getting another male hamster and name him “JamesHendry 2nd” around next payday.  Hopefully he won’t be as difficult to train, and he’ll live as long as the original did!
     As for the world of politics, I’m totally disgusted with the scheme of things right now!  But maybe it’s a good thing?  After all the Democrats’ foolishness about impeaching President Trump they’re holding things up by not giving their results or whatever they’re called, from the Republicans until she knows what kind of trial the Republicans are going to have.  As far as I’m concerned the President did nothing to deserve this and I’m still voting for him in 2020.  We must keep the White House Republican at all costs or the country will be heading for the greatest disasters anyone could ever imagine rather
    I unfortunately don’t have much else to report today.  I haven’t been working on the things I’m supposed to for a couple of months as I can’t find a solution to my problems with them.  Still trying to come up with solutions. 
    Oh!!  I forgot one of the most important things I’ve been doing!  I’ve started a Teespring store with items featuring my late husbands digital art works.  You can check it out here.


   I will be adding more items as time goes on. 
    The last bit of news I almost forgot is I’m thrilled to find my “Thank You SafariLIVE!” video on You Tube has had 1K views in one year, and I now have 125 subscribers! Thank you all for these things!
    Hope the rest of your year is wonderful!  I will be rejoining you on this blog next year.  Thanks so much for reading my blog!  Happy New Year!  Here’s a New Year’s song I channeled five years ago.  Enjoy!


    Be sure to check out my blog, The Spiritual Connection, for my recent messages.


A Servant Of Him
That Dwells In
The Holiest Of All
Now, And, Forever

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