Sacred Ground Violated!

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

13-03-06 AJ


    Back with a few comments on what’s going on out there on my lucky day, Friday the 13th.  However it’s not good out there.  The ultimate evil, who God The Father Himself has called the anti Christ, actually the Anti God, has infiltrated one of the most sacred grounds in the galaxy.  Obama was actually inside The El Capitan Theater in Hollywood for an appearance on our beloved “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” Thursday night!  I have a feeling he wasn’t feeling very comfortable about being there.  However I have heard the interview went well and have seen the “Mean Tweets” segment where Obama read negative tweets about him.  That was good!  I recommend you look it up on You Tube.   It’s just disturbing the fact that he was in the building at all with one of God’s favorite sons who is a very powerful spiritual force.  I’m surprised there hasn’t been some report about Obama not feeling well today.  If the creatures of Darkness can gain foothold to be able to accomplish this act of pure defiance to The Forces Of Light, I shudder to think what they’ll attempt next!  It’s just very disturbing and gives me the creeps big time.  I just hope Jimmy and our other old friends are ok.
    The Civil Rights leaders and supporters from throughout history in The Afterlife were totally disgusted at Obama’s attendance and speech commemorating the Selma, Alabama to Montgomery 50th Anniversary of the voting rights march the day before then his participation in the march recreation on Bloody Sunday.  Again, as with his Kimmel appearance They feel it is a disgrace to sacred ground.  They can’t wait until the day he leaves office forever.  Just let us pray a Republican replaces him.
    Speaking of ultimate evils, looks like Hillary Clinton is really kissing up to the powers that be which doesn’t look good concerning her possible presidential campaign.   Things keep looking more and more like she will run.  Anyway she’s admitted the fact that she used personal email addresses while she was supposed to use secure ones.  Now there’s a big uproar about her silhouette being on the cover of Time Magazine where the M some say resemble horns.  Was this coincidence? I think not. And the magazine is saying horns wouldn’t look that way, also that several people including The Pope have had the so called ‘horns.’  Also Putin had horns on there once.  Hmmmm.  See what I mean?
    Pope Francis says he won’t be Pope long, maybe for four or five years.  I’m sorry all I could think of was the time an actor now plays Doctor Who as not to be type cast after his time is done.  LOL!  Hopefully he won’t come to a bad end, even though he’s in hot water with God The Father over his “Who am I to judge?” remark concerning gays because it caused so much publicity for the homosexuals and the Catholic church which The Kingdom Of God and Lord Peter have promised to bring down in time.  Of course he meant well, but that was a no no as far as God is concerned.  The clergy should know God’s opinion on that matter.  I assume this issue proved in Lord Peter’s favor.  Maybe it was a good thing after all?
    On another disturbing note, I’m very disturbed by the crash of the Blackhawk helicopter the other day in Florida in dense fog.  Last I heard they have found the pieces of the helicopter, but not the crewmen, just clothes and were looking for the ‘black box.’  It was assumed the men on board were killed.  Why did it crash? A person in the area heard a sound like metal hitting metal.  My only comment is what the hell?  I wish I could get the answers. I keep thinking other dimensions, UFOs and the like.  It’s really concerning me, the missing plane, now this mystery.  Hope something like this doesn’t happen again.
    In entertainment news everyone who is a fan of the Disney movie “Frozen” will be thrilled to know there’s going to be a sequel.  There’s already a new song from it released which I listened to today on line. It’s adorable as expected.  Spoiler alert.  In the movie it’s Anna’s birthday and of all the shocking things, Elsa’s sick with a cold, yes the one who claims “the cold never bothered me anyway.”  I sense another record breaking film in the works.
    On a personal note, I have finished putting together Books 11 and 12 of “The History Of Spiritism.”  I just need to proof read them because I can’t remember if I did or not.  I’m still scanning Book 13 which is huge.  I was able to pay the post office box rent for another six months I use on the copyright forms and such as to not make my home address public.  Still working on my life’s goal.  Had to upgrade my cell phone from Samsung to LG G3 after almost two years, and upgrade my data amount too.  This will be difficult to pay next month as usual the bill will be higher with change of services.  But I have readjusted my budget and won’t let it get me down.  I highly recommend US Cellular phone service.  I swear by them and Time Warner Cable.  That’s it for now.  I’ll be back like Arnold says. 
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