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Vol. 18 No. 3
Copyright April, 2,004

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Page 1
California's Spirits Begging

They Simply Won't Hear

Page 2
Thunder And Lightning

They Wouldn't Interfere

Page 3
Powerhouse George Again!

Dreams Come True

Page 4
A Man With A Conscience

Page 5
What A Jam Session!

Page 6
Bitter Disappointment

Page 7
A Little Bit Of Trouble

Page 8
Muhammed Keeps Trying

No Time Travel On The Old Worlds

Page 9
Kingdom Of God Never Supports Terror!

Page 10
Ad Frustration

The Power Of Love

Page 11
Jimmy Rocks The Night!

Page 12
Another Dead Zone Gone Bye Bye

Page 13
Rolling On!

Page 14
John Lennon Down

Page 15
Clear Instructions

What Rank Abraham?

Page 16
One More Gone Forever

Page 17
What Got Yassin

A Little Bit Of Prophecy

Page 18
Imagination's Place
They'll Never Learn!
By Gerald A Polley

Page 19
"I've Worked Here Longer!"
A Story From The Life Of
Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 20
Reinstating Hussein??

Plants Have Souls

Page 21
Muhammed To Musharraf

Nice Insects

Page 22
A Little Bit Better

Twisting Things Around

Page  23
No Compromise

Page 24
One Glimmer Of Hope

Page 25
Book & Music Reviews
By Linda J. Polley
Discovering Spirit In Sound
By; Robert Gass With Kathleen Brehony

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