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We were very surprised when Jesus suddenly came to us and said that He wanted this Special Edition put up, that He especially wanted all the endorsements people had given us for Bush saved.  The victory in the election was a tremendous effort, the combining of the wills of the living and, the dead to bring us back from the brink of oblivion.  Not only was The Kingdom Of God able to sway an election in The United States, give The President a substantial victory, but it was also able to turn the tide in The Ukraine, to raise the people, and stop the candidate of the new Stalin.  Unfortunately with the tragedy that has occured in The Indian Ocean, The Kingdom Of God will not be able to put forth the effort that It had intended in Iraq.  They simply now, cannot withdraw the Forces from Asia They had hoped to use in that effort.  Of course They will carry on the struggle, but now it is going to be a greater struggle.  They wish the election could be delayed for six months or so to give Them more time to deal with the insurrectionists, but They will have to do what They can do.

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Page 1
John Lennon's Endorsement

Page 2
President  Kennedy's Endorsement

Jackie's Endorsement

Page 3
President Roosevelt's Endorsement

President Truman's Endorsement

Financial Report

Page 4
Mary Marie Lennon's Endorsement

President Reagan's Endorsement

Page 5
Spessard L. Holland's Endorsement

Page 6
Davy Crockett's Endorsement

Page 7
Father Abraham's Endorsement

Page 8
Joseph Smith'sEndorsement

Lord Peter's Endorsement

Page 9
Jefferson Davis' Endorsement

The Apostle Matthew's Endorsement

Page 10
Andrew Jackson's Endorsement

Sam Houston's Endorsement

Page 11
Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Endorsement

Moses' Endorsement

Page 12

Baldar's Endorsement

Page 13

Incredible Stuff


Odin's Endorsement


Loving His Own Pride

Disaster Preparance On
The Old Worlds

Page 14

Presidential Disappointment

Page 15
George Washington's Endorsement

Teddy Roosevelt's Endorsement

Will Rogers' Endorsement

Page 16
Jesus Endorses North Dakota's
Governor Hoeven

My Power Base

Page 17
Save Our Children

Page 18
Praise The Heroes

Arafat Gone Forever

Page 19
The Ballad Of Kerry And Edwards
By George Harrison

Page 20
Imagination's Place
"Can't Do It Any More!"
By; Speaker Gerald A. Polley

Page 21
Trip Description
By; Speaker Linda J. Polley

No Soviet Puppets!

Page 22
Incredible Adventure

A Message From
Alexander The Great

Page 23
You Don't Throw Nothin' On Me!
By Johann Sebastian Bach

Page 24
Vote For Allawi!
By John Lennon

Page 25
Bad Business In Columbus

John Lennon Took Action!

Last Christmas Still Here!

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