Justice For John

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

21-08-03 AJ

       Back again with news updates.  On a personal note, have been cleaning up my apartment.  I highly recommend Logitech computer accessories.  I now have one of their web cams, a USB plug and play keyboard, and a mouse I transferred from my laptop.  No offense HP, but I do not like wireless products, even if it did cost me a little extra to replace the keyboard. I’m considering selling the wireless ones.  Have taken Gerald’s old Acer desktop pc that doesn’t even have a CD drive in it to the computer store up the street and they’re considering buying it from me to sell.  I’ll be anxious to hear what they say. Wouldn’t you know it, the boss who has to make the decision on it, is on vacation but he will be stopping in the store at some point.  I’m also going to take in the pc modem the hackers got that Gerald was using and see if they can get the info out onto a CD for me possibly next month for a reasonable fee.  Trying to cut down on these computers so I’ll only have my new desk top, the laptop and of course the new IPod Touch which was my last splurge item.  I wasn’t going to buy one since when he was here Gerald said I didn’t need one.  Now he told me from The Afterlife he wants me to have one, and everything I want, within reason from now on.  We’ll see on that.   I of course have bills to pay too.  Like he taught me, the bills come first!  Now, on to the national stuff.
      I was shocked to read that my old friend John Lennon’s killer is up for parole this week.   Why don’t they just give it up, not give him any more chances at freedom?    It would be very dangerous for him on the streets of New York anyway because of what he did.  I’m sure Yoko Ono, his widow will make damned sure he stays in jail for the rest of his life.  I haven’t seen her on Twitter lately, maybe this is what she’s working on.  Do I think he’ll get out? No way in hell! Not on my watch!  However the way things are going down hill lately it wouldn’t be that unusual if the creatures of Darkness did get him out somehow.  Let’s pray The Forces Of Light are diligent concerning this.  I’m sure it’s one thing my husband Gerald is working on this week, keeping the moron locked up, where John is one of our dearest friends over There.  Keep up the good work!   
    I see all the politicians are up in arms, as well they should be about the comment made by Republican representative Todd Akin from Missouri stating that women who suffer “legitimate rape” rarely get pregnant.  Obama has said “Rape is rape,” and the representative’s comments are yet another reason a bunch of politicians, who are mostly men shouldn’t be making decisions about women’s health care issues.  Shockingly enough I agree, unless there’s no women available, however it just seems like he’s saying stuff to get more votes.
    So sorry to hear comedian Phyllis Diller died at the age of 95, peacefully in her sleep at her Los Angeles home.  She had a good long life.  I always liked her.  Actually we share the same birth month, July.  I hope she made it to The Afterlife and is having a great time with her family.
    Glad to hear England’s Prince Philip is feeling better now and has left the hospital after a having a bladder infection.  He’s doing very well for someone 91 years old!  I bet the old gentleman has a few good years left in him yet!
     Liked the picture of Snooki  that stars in the “Jersey Shore” t.v. series, who is due to have her baby any day now, and her fiance’.  They look like a great couple.  However her fiance’ who is so cute, by the way,  looks like he’s thinking “Can we please hurry up and get this over with?” concerning the baby’s birth.  I hope things turn out well for them.
     Totally disgusted to read Rufus Wainwright and his long time boyfriend are getting married in New York this week.  Yoko Ono and Carrie Fisher are among 250 total guests. 
    Leave it to Minnesota where they’ve started a role playing game in which you can join the elite navy seals for a day and take a chance at killing bin Laden for $325.00.  It’s run by a gun safety and defense instruction center in New Hope.  Maybe they can help people plus give them a few safety tips!  Nothing like historical reenactment to benefit a good cause.
     Support The National Buyers’ Strike! Save America, and, the world!
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