Rally For The Riot

An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

19-08-03 AJ

    I have been busy!  I got a dvd/cd rack a few days ago, relatively cheap one, and tried to put it together myself Friday night, with limited success. Then my neighbor Paul knocked on the door and finished putting it together for me.  It’s perfect!  I just have to make a place for it.  Ah yes, you gotta love the ever changing Polley household!  Now on to the national news. 
    Just noticed a follow up to the story I commented on the other day concerning the CNN reporter, Fareed Zarkaria, who was accused of plagiarism.  Apparently he’s been cleared of this charge and return to work at CNN on August 26 after being suspended for a month.  He admitted he made a terrible mistake.  He’s been cleared with Time too.  I’m sure he’ll be more careful with his material in the future.  I’m so glad things worked out well for him!
    What next? A plastic surgery center in Venezuela has published an ad for their services featuring Disney’s Little Mermaid character showing she’s had a boob job, lip surgery to give her a pout, and her tail turned into sexy legs.  I don’t care for this ad at all.  Like the article about it states though it is cute, it’s not a good example for young girls. 
    Speaking of not a good example, actor Joey Kovar died last Friday at age 29 in a friends home.  His family suspects he died from a drug overdose as he was addicted to alcohol and almost every drug you can name.  He appeared on “Celebrity Rehab” in 2,010 trying to overcome his addictions, apparently without success.  At least he tried, but then again he made more money doing this to feed his addictions.   It’s so sad and scary when people get into this stuff like Gerald used to say, when they’ve got everything going for them, knowing the terrible things they can do to you.  I just shake my head and wonder why.
    Well, Romney’s running mate has released his tax returns. Thank goodness somebody did. He also accuses Obama for closing down a General Motors plant in his Wisconsin district.  He says Obama visited it when he was first running for president, and promised he’d keep the plant going.  Ryan says the plant closed because Obama’s awful energy policies.  These are costing jobs.  It’s reported that the plant closed during the last year of George W. Bush’s presidency.  Rather Ryan knows that fact is questionable.  We’ll see what damage it can do. 
    The Russian government is in a lot of hot water because of its sentencing of the female feminist punk band Pussy Riot to jail for two years for hooliganism.  This is because the three women staged an anti Putin protest in the Cathedral Of Christ The Savior last February.  Many people are holding protest rallies everywhere around the world, even in Manhattan!  Sir Paul McCartney is even speaking out against the band’s arrest!  Most people believe they shouldn’t be jailed for speaking out against their government.  I hope they will drop the charges and the band will be released, though I think they should have to do some public service thing to pay for interrupting the church service. 
    Here we go again!  One of my favorite bands, The Black Keys, is suing Pizza Hut and Home Depot for allegedly using two songs off their new album on commercials without their permission advertising power tools and pizza crust.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they did!  I hope they stop them from doing so and any more of their songs in the future.
   Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and, the world!
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