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An Open Letter From Speaker Linda Polley
The Voice Of God On Earth
To The World

17-08-03 AJ

    Things are getting too ridiculous in America!  Dave Mustaine, the singer from the band Megadeth, is agreeing with us that he’s sure Obama was born somewhere else, not in America, however now during a show in Singapore he’s saying because Obama’s trying to pass a gun ban he’s staging all the shootings “down at the border” and, he’s the reason behind the Colorado theater massacre, also the shootings at the Sikh temple.  He’s saying our country is turning into Nazi America.  Of course you know my feelings about Obama, he’s done some pretty bad things, however I think this is definitely not true. It’s a little bit much even for me.  Let’s keep the conspiracy theories a little bit more realistic, people!  It’s scary how some people will believe almost anything. 
    I have to laugh.  I wondered how long before this would happen.  When I saw Romney announcing his running mate I wondered if he had permission to use the music he had playing.  Well apparently he didn’t!  The band Silversun Pickups, one of our friends at KROQ’s favorites, has issued a cease and desist order to stop playing their song “Panic Switch” at events during his campaign.  They definitely do not like Romney and don’t want their tunes associated with him.  Way to go!  You tell ‘im!  Apparently he’s used some other artist’s music illegally before.  And this would be an honest president?
    Scary news that cows in Colorado are dying from Anthrax!  60 cows from three different ranches died last week.  They apparently get it from a bacterium in the soil where it can be dormant for decades before it’s ingested.  The spores can get in the human body through a cut or abrasion in the skin contracted from a person handling the infected animals.  The deceased animals have been cremated as fire kills anthrax spores.  Officials there are working on solving this mystery and stop the spread of the anthrax.  They say it’s common to areas that have floods then drought.  This location has alkaline soil types, that are favorable to anthrax spores.   Hopefully they can get a handle on this soon and save the rest of the cattle there.  Even more scary where as you probably know Colorado is one of the states not favored by God.
    Oh, for gosh sakes!  More animal news.  Now snakes are coming down with something called Mad Snake Disease, which causes big snakes like boa constrictors to act like they’re drunk, to throw up and stare into space for long periods of time. Some of them even tie themselves in knots and can’t get out of it!  There’s also other bizarre symptoms not described in the article I read about it.  This is caused by something called arenaviruses, which are usually common in rodents and other mammals.  They say there’s a whole new line of arenaviruses.  Snakes catch it from other snakes. This odd behavior started to be noticed in San Francisco, at the Steinhart Aquarium.  We all know some weird stuff goes on in San Francisco, it’s one of the biggest havens for homosexuality in The United States.  I wonder if the negative vibrations built up from this in the area is somehow effecting the animals and reptiles there?  I wouldn’t be surprised.  Hopefully it’s not one of the signs of the beginning of the end of the world.
    Last but not least, on a personal matter, I have acquired a final resting place for my and my husband Gerald’s ashes when the time comes.  When I was a kid my aunt purchased four cemetery plots in The Oak Grove Cemetery, Bangor, Maine, where she, my father, and the rest of my family are buried. I asked her why she got four.  She said “That’s for you and your husband when the time comes.”  I told her I didn’t think I’d ever get married.  Unfortunately she left no will.  The cemetery had no instructions on what to do with these plots.  Now, over 40 years later I have proven I’m the last surviving sibling of the family, fulfilling her wishes and acquired one of the plots she wanted to be for us at no charge.  It’s such a relief to have this planned.  Gerald really liked the cemetery, he told me when we visited there. Now, I just have to put it in my living will.   So this will be our earthly forever home, thanks to my aunt, unless someone wants to take us to the stars, of course!
    Support The National Buyers’ Strike!  Save America, and, the world!
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